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responsive web design

Responsive websites responds to their environment

As more and more people are accessing the internet using mobile devices there is an increasing need for websites to adapt to wide range of devices, from large desktop computer monitors to mobile phones and tablet devices.

Responsive web design is a web designing technique that utilizes scalable images and self adjusting layouts that help webpage adapt to the devices that is accessing it.

Responsive web design allows creating a single website design that automatically adapts to multiple screen resolutions in mobiles, tablets, and PCs.

This not only saves cost of creating and mantaining multiple websites for each device but also allows websites to reach more people who use tablet and mobiles.

Responsive Web Design  

responsive web design

Advantages of Responsive Design

Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how web designers would build websites for the decade to come.

As it allows creating a single website design that automatically adapts to multiple screen resolutions in mobiles, tablets, and PCs. Such a design approach offers great benefits:

  1. Only a single website need to be created that adapts to multiple screen resolutions in mobiles, tablets, and PCs which results in saving cost of creating and managing multiple websites for each device.
  2. The multi-device adaptability of responsive web design allows a website to reach much larger audiences who generally use tablet and mobiles to access Internet.
  3. Increased reach of the website offers potential of increased sales and conversion rates.

Responsive Web Design Advantages  

Reaponsive Web Design Example

  • responsive web design on mobile

    On Mobile

  • responsive web design on tablet

    On Tablet

  • responsive web design on desktop

    On Desktop PC

This website is best example of responsive web design methodology. Please view this site in various mobile devices to get a feel of how a properly designed responsive website adapts to various mobile devices with different screen sizes.

Website Maintenance

Both, visitors and search engines love websites which are well kept and updated regularly.

A well maintained website requires regular maintenance that involves editing, revising, updating the contents & graphics, updating links, bug fixing, HTML code cleaning & optimizing and updating software & scripts to keep it healthy, tidy and secure.

Unlike per hour model, our web maintenance costing is worked out on how much work needs to be done and how long would it take to complete that.

Why Website Maintenance?

  1. Secure your site from hackers, malware and phishing attacks by regular software updates to implement fixes for security holes discovered from time to time
  2. Update, edit, prune and trim existing site contents and graphics to keep site fresh
  3. HTML code optimization for improved search engine ranking
  4. Enhance user experience by adding new contents and features
Website Maintenance  


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Website Redesigning

If you already have a website, but it's not effectively meeting your marketing needs or it does not seem as professional or visually appealing as you would like, we can help you redesign your entire website that would help you achieve your desired website goals.

Why Redesign Your Site?

  1. If your current website is not bringing measurable business returns like desired sales or sales leads
  2. If your current website is not mobile devices friendly
  3. If your current website is not properly optimized for higher search engine ranking
  4. If your current website is not sufficiently user-centric in design with focus on utility and usability
Website Redesigning  
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