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A Tribute To Modern Saint - Mother Teresa

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Mother Teresa describes the gift from God 

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Mother Teresa speaks at the Nobel Peace Prize acceptance ceremony

Mother Teresa's Life time line

1910 Born Aug. 27 as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in Skopje, Yugoslavia, what is now Macedonia. Her father is an Albanian builder. She's the youngest of three children.
1928 Joined a religious order and took the name Teresa. She came to India and taought at a convent school in Calcutta, in state of west bangal.
1937 Took her final vows
1948 Left the convent to work alone in the slums. Shr received medical training and education in Paris.
1950 Became citizen of India. The Missionaries of charity started.
1952 House for the dying opened
1957 The Missionaries of Charity started work with lepers and in many disaster areas of the world.
1962 Wins her first prize for her humanitarian work: the Padma Shri award for "distinguished service." Over the years she uses the money from such prizes to found dozens of new homes
1971 Pope Paul VI honors Mother Teresa by awarding her the first Pope John XXIII Peace Prize.
1979 Received Nobel Peace Prize on behalf of the poor.
1993 Breaks three ribs in fall in Rome in May; hospitalized for malaria in August in New Delhi; undergoes surgery to clear blocked blood vessel in Calcutta in September.
1997 Died on 5th September in Calcutta, India.


How she wanted to be remembered. 


Approaching God in Silence:

Before you speak, it is necessary for you to listen, for God speaks in the silence of the heart . . .

- Mother Teresa





Tribute to Mother Teresa
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