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Domain Name Registration - Glossary of Terms
Technical terms and jargon got you confused? Below are some commonly used terms and their definitions in the domain name registration industry. If you have questions on additional terms, please email us and we will add them to the list.

How to Choose, Register or Transfer a Domain Name
You need to choose your domain name wisely, if you want to clearly identify and brand your online business for many years to come.

Tips on Domain Name Choice
Before buying your domain name, give some thought to the following

Domain name hijacking!
Domain names are becoming "hot" property - as in *theft* for resale. More and more companies are finding they cannot get their trademarked names as a domain name because so few good names are left.

Good Domain Names
No matter what domain name you buy its unlikely to be worth $ millions straight away, but with some careful though and preparation you can maximise your domain names potential.

Domain Names - To Hyphen or Not ?
A question in internet marketing often comes up regarding the use of hyphens in a domain name. Here are a few considerations when planning your sight.

Making Money From Expired Domain Names
One reason is that if the domain name itself has a lot of link popularity, it will have an established source of traffic. What this means to you is if you snap up an Expired Domain with an established source of traffic, you will have a site with instant traffic.

Whats in a Domain Name?
One of the decisions you have to make when setting up a website is whether or not to get your own domain name. The most frequent objection we hear about having a 'virtual domain' is that it's an unnecessary expense. And yes, it does cost you a little more money to get a domain name.

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