How to Generate a Website with 16 Revenue Streams

How to Generate a Website with 16 Revenue Streams


Since its launch in August 2004 the newest Product from Gary Killops, the "Mega Website Builder" has achieved a good success among the Home-Business Community.

The new product satisfy the markets demand to run professional Websites with the goal of promote an own home based business. The Software creates a professional Home-Business Website with more the 75 pages, including Articles from Stone Evans and Allan Says, providing good content optimized for Search Engines. The generated website offers also links to additional Webresources including Infoproducts.

The system allows an easy customization with own affiliate links, while supporting the most common Affiliate Programs, including SFI (Strong Future International), Madison Dynamics, Traffic Oasis, Clickbank(TM) , Marketing Tips and other successful residual income generators.

The first version of this software supports a total of 16 revenue streams plus additional customizable affiliate links.

As an additional Bonus, the created Website offers an own "Ezine on the Box" with content for 365 days, powered by a free version of the popular GetResponse Autoresponder.

Furthermore the enduser has the option to add additional affiliate links and own business opportunities.

The Software is free and can be obtained by, a provider of Home-Business solutions.

The brand new software is the latest member of the "Pluginprofits" Income Generation System, a very popular "all-in-one" Package for home based businesses.

Target Market

The new software product is oriented to small business entrepreneurs looking for an own e-commerce Website by avoiding costly programming and design.

About the Author

Alex Timaios is an international internet marketer specialized in Home-Businesses. He runs the Websites and