Use a thesaurus to lookup domain names

Use a thesaurus to lookup domain names

Use a thesaurus to lookup domain names and you'll have to work pretty hard to run out of ideas You have a couple of words in mind but they’re all taken.

You try one of those online suggestion tools and you can get your domain name if you add xxyz to it. Don’t give up. Get a Thesaurus. Go to any online Thesaurus and you’ll have to work pretty hard to run out of ideas.

Why does this method work so well?

1.Find similar words with the same meaning

2.Find short and longer words that you can combine to make a unique domain name

3.You have to work pretty hard to run out of words

4.Use an online dictionary and thesaurus to brainstorm while you’re surfing the web

5.Find high quality words that you can’t get from name generators

6.You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how many ways you can say the same thing. Can’t speak for other languages but English has a huge vocabulary list.

7.Since the words you choose for your domain name are not auto generated, you are solely responsible for the order, quality and length of the keywords.

8.Quick pronunciation guides to help you see if a word feels and sounds natural. If your site visitors can say it, they’ll remember it and return to your site.

9.Get alternative spellings for keywords. If a term is not trademarked, you can usually find slight variances between the British and American spelling. This gives you two opportunities to use a lot of words as a part of your domain name.

10.You don’t have to use the whole word. You’ll see slang terms and shortened versions that you can use to make short domain names.

11.You can get universally recognized short terms and your customers will be familiar with the meaning. This way, you don’t have to spend your marketing dollars helping people to pronounce the name of your site. Spend your marketing money educating people about your great products and services.

This is probably the most powerful, free and easy way to find unique domain names. A good Dictionary or thesaurus is a good place to find slang, short, common, business related, sophisticated, unique words.

Make a quick pit stop at any online dictionary and play around with the online lookup tools.

Say your domain name out loud to see if it is something that is easy to pronounce and memorable


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