The Power That Reside on Domain Name

The Power That Reside on Domain Name

1.) What is a domain name and have you already know what is it ?

Yes, A domain name is a name that is registered through domain registrar which can be bought on the behalf of ICANN to replace IP address to easily memorized name. It has many extension, .com .net .org .info .us .biz and much more.

Well, if this is your answer, you are right. Domain name is created to replace IP addresses so that people will easily remember a web site.

2.) But, did you know that there is a power reside in domain name which can lead you a huge traffics. Do you realize that your domain name effect your position in Google ?

Domain name indeed have a huge power reside in them. Therefore,if you had ever visited a domain name market, you will see some bona fide companies are willing to spend thousands of dollars for a domain.

When you have a good domain, easy to memorize, you can drive decent traffics even without marketing it. For example;,, This type of domain drive a huge traffics everyday.

The reason behind all the possibilities are :

1.) Easy to memorize

2.) Have a meaning in their domain

3.) Is a keyword or key phrase when combined together: Google takes this very seriously. At lease 3 out of top 10 ranking in Google have their keywords in their domain name. This will be approximately 30% of the ranking factor.

4.) Massive amount of inbound link: Having a good domain alone will give you a huge number of inbound link without seeking any reciprocal.

So, if you now know the power live in domain name, make sure you consider and do some research on keywords before buying any domain for your site.

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