What does .net domain name means

What does .net domain name means

We do not always realize, that figures are just quantity and can deceive about quality.

In spite of the fact, that the net-domain is only the No. 4 in terms of the number of domain names registered, it works as a backbone of the web.

The net-domains build the largest Top Level Domain by number of hosts, or machines connected to the Internet. More than 44 percent of name servers use net-domains.

The .net TLD (top-level domain name) stands for NETwork. Domains in .net have traditionally been registered by Internet service providers -- the companies we buy our Internet service from at home. They are also frequently used by web hosting companies. However, anyone may register a .net domain for any purpose.

We presume, that programmers and other technical experts have a more narrow emotional relationship to .net than to .com. Their sympathy for .net is just greater than for .com. Historically .net was once reserved for providers.

This might have still an influence to the technical use of .net and the importance of this use. Every programmer and hostmaster has an idea of .net, but not every programmer and hostmaster has an idea of .com. In some way .net stands for the web.

Other facts about .net domains:

31 percent of all page views are dependent on a net-domain for resolution -- 32 percent of all B2C e-Commerce in 2004 is dependent on a net-domain for resolution.


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