You May Be Losing Thousands Of Dollars Every Month If You Bought Only One Domain For Your site

You May Be Losing Thousands Of Dollars Every Month If You Bought Only One Domain For Your site

A domain name that is too general will not do justice to your site to get all the traffic you can. And you know, traffic means big dollars. Just ask webmasters who are raking in thousands of dollars every month—and they will tell you that they spend a huge amount of time to ensure that they get a huge flow of traffic to their sites.

You see, your domain can be broken down into several sub-names that are very specific to your products and services. When you have incomes coming from all of them, your bank account swells very fast.

You may not know this, but any product you choose to sell on the internet can have numerous offshoots of sub products that can bring in hundreds, even thousands of dollars every month. These sub-products can be very lucrative.

With multiple products and a wide array of goods you offer to buyers, you can earn more money with your sub-websites than with only your main domain name. You must corner the market –have full control--if you are to maximize your profits with the same amount of effort.

Every extra dollar you earn from these sub-products every month can add up to a fortune in a hurry. Sometimes, webmasters/publishers think of only their index or main pages as the source of revenue to them. This is false thinking. You may be surprised to know that pages behind the index/main page and sub-domains sites related to the same product are the real breadwinners for their owners.

You will never know until you buy and hold or publish all the possible domain sub-names applicable to your site, of the huge revenues that are possible from them. If you only have one domain name now, think of all the applicable names that are tied to your site and its products.

For example: Suppose your site’s name is: It might be to your advantage to control your revenue stream by purchasing other sub-domains names like:,, etc. I think you get the picture. Underneath each one of these you can develop specific products to fit your clientele.

People who surf the internet know what they want and are very specific about it, so, it is your job to have these specific items on a platter waiting for them. All you have to do is to collect their money.

Buy purchasing these sub-domains names, you will eliminate your competition as they will not have the license—the sub domain names—to compete with you with your product line. Of course you may not choose to have a separate web site with these names, but by purchasing these names and keeping them parked with your domain name registry, you have eliminated the competition from getting on your turf and stealing your revenues.

This way, you control your revenues and keep the competitors away. You can develop your site as you see fit. Or, you can hold the sub-domain name and auction them to the highest bidder if you so choose. If it is in demand, perhaps you can get as high as $2,000,000 more or less? It is definitely a benefit to control it whether you publish it as a site or hold it as a reserve.

Do you own the sub-domain names to your main site?

If you do not, then someone else may have bought your sub-domains and may be selling products similar to yours and making a bundle---at your expense –after the hard work you have done to drive traffic at your site---and theirs too—with little effort on their part. Or, these sub-domain names may be still available, if you do a domain name check right now.

In addition, when you have many sub site pointing and indexed/linked to your site, spiders from the major search engines love it. They’ll feed on your site all day so your ranking moves to the top faster and stay there for longer periods of time, because you will have a lot of content. This translates to higher traffic and you get humongous traffic and tons of dollars in revenue.

Again, like search engines indexing, cross linking possibilities are tremendous with other sites and search engines. This is a big bonus for additional traffic.

Lets us face it. You are not marketing on line for fun only. You are on line to increase your revenues! Build a fortune! You want to go on a vacation while you make money 24/7 and do not have to worry about your competition. You want a site that is an automatic money maker---working at its full potential night and day.

So, do not get robbed of additional revenues or be contented with your current revenues from your main page.

Start today and review your main domain and sub domains names. If you do not have control of the sub-domains for your site, then get control of them by purchasing them now and either parking them with your registry or put them to work to market your entire line of products.

Enjoy your added income streams! You deserve it!


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