Internet Domain Registration Scams: Protect Yourself

Internet Domain Registration Scams: Protect Yourself

Are there internet domain registration issues of which I need to be aware? The answer, actually, is yes. Internet domain registration is big business with competition for the best names that can be picked up by the top search engines. Like in any competitive field, there are always those out looking to take advantage of you.

We both know that your domain name is important to you and so is your money, so it is important that you be aware of and concerned with certain scenarios where you can be taken advantage of in the internet domain registration game.

The most common “trick” you may encounter comes by way of internet domain registration renewal. The internet domain registration companies will use the credit card number you gave them to begin with and automatically renew your domain name several months in advance of when you need it done.

This is a way of getting your money in advance of when you need it and thus cutting your paid for time down. It is a not a new scam that the internet domain registration companies invented; magazines sometimes will use the same method with regard to subscription renewals.

There is a way to stop this from happening, or at least reducing the risk. Never give the internet domain registration company permission to user your credit card to automatically renew your domain name. They may try to scare you by telling you that giving them permission in advance will ensure that you do not lose your domain name. The truth is, you can keep track of the time as easily as they can.

If you do not allow the internet domain registration companies to automatically renew, trust me, they will remind you when your time is approaching via email. This, however, is another time when scammers are out in full force.

Be sure the emails you receive are from the internet domain registration company you are working with. Sometimes domain renewal is a way of hiding phishing scams. Just stay on top of things and be aware of who the sender is on any email you receive.

The truth is that if you use a legitimate internet domain registration company, they will send you email notices reminding you that you need to renew. They will send such notices well in advance, but will let you know when you actually need to renew.

As ridiculous as it may seem to many people, you do have to renew your domain registration every time your registration runs out. The best way, though, to avoid the many scams and cons out there is to simply keep track of your domain timing and the companies with which you are working. Your best defense is being knowledgeable about your own situation.

One of the most important actions you will perform in the building of your presence on the web is internet domain registration. Keeping the name you want is valuable, but does cost you money.

With such high demand for domains, there are obviously going to be those who want to take advantage of the situation. Your best defense against such people is to keep track of your domain, your registration time, and which internet domain registration company you are using.


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