Internet Domain Registration QuickTip

Internet Domain Registration QuickTip

Internet Domain Registration QuickTip breaks down the Internet Domain Registration Process in to simple, easy to follow steps. Learn how to choose a Domain Name that is right for your needs and how to easily register your Domain Name through the proper Internet Domain Registration authority.

What is a Domain Name?

In order to establish a web site or web presence on the Internet, you first have to complete the Internet Domain Registration Process to own a domain name. A domain name, such as "", is a unique name that is the identifier to your Internet Web Site. Before you can select a Web Hosting Plan from a Web Hosting Service Provider, you must choose an applicable domain name for your Web Hosting intent. (Choose fast, because the good ones are going quick).

Domain names are the names that you type in on your web browser to take you to a particular web site, such as

Domain names may refer to names on the Internet that are represented by a individual, a business, charitable or not for profit organizations, educational institutions, state and federal governments, as well as many other types of entities.

Certain Domain Name extensions, like .edu, .gov, .mil, may only be used by relevant organizations.

How to choose a Domain Name

While there are many varying opinions on what criteria you should use in choosing your domain name, the following guidelines hold true for whatever name you choose:

A good Domain Name is:

easy to remember

short and sharp

meaningful - conveys a clear message

easy to spell

unique, descriptive, and specific to your intent

As basic, descriptive Domain Names are becoming very rare, you may have to come up with different iterations of the name that you are seeking.

Domain Names may range in length from 2 to 63 characters, not including the domain suffix, (.net, .com, .edu, etc.). Any letters in the alphabet may be used, as wells as numerals 0-9. Domain Names can also include a hyphen (-), and a underscore(_).

Choosing a Internet Domain Registration Service

A Internet Domain Registration Service Provider is an entity that registers your Domain Name. The Domain Name Registration Service Provider may be a ICANN-accredited domain registrar such as Network Solutions, (which I do not recommend), - who I personally use, or a Web Hosting or Internet service provider who has legal authorization as a network registrar.

As there are a lot of providers offering Internet Domain Registration Services, choose wisely.

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