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Domain Name Registration - Key Tips
Domain name registration is a necessary, easy, and strategically important first step in establishing an online presence, whether for business or otherwise.

What is Domain Name Backordering? Watch Out For This One
Domain names are the hottest net-real-estate on the internet. It's no wonder services like: "Domain Name Backordering" is available to the public.

10 Tips for Accurate Domain Registration
These ten tips will help you to pick just the right domain name for you and/or your business.

Use a thesaurus to lookup domain names
Use a thesaurus to lookup domain names and you'll have to work pretty hard to run out of ideas You have a couple of words in mind but they’re all taken.

Choosing Domain Names for Professional Sites: Six Guidelines
A professional or business site is one where the primary purpose of the site is to facilitate business transactions. You can sell items directly online or exclusively offline, but the result is the same.

What You Did Wrong With Your Domain Name(s)
Google is starting to weigh in heavy on domain names. Not what your domain is, or how long you've had it.

The Importance of Having Your Domain Name
A question that I frequently hear is "Do I really need to have my own domain name?" The one word answer is "YES.". If you put up your site with some of the free web hosting services, the only company who benefits is the web hosting company.

Selecting a Quality Domain Name
When you're ready to launch your web site and you're trying to select a good domain name, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Finding the best domain name, host and graphics for Maximum profit
It is important that every e-Book you write and has a new and different domain name. This makes you e-Book stay in the memory of the customer and makes it a far more professional looking.

Selecting A Domain Name That Clicks
After making the decision to join the World Wide Web Business Community. Another important step awaits your attention.You will certainly want to select a Domain Name for your business.

Domain Names Security : How safe is yours
The security of domain name registrations is an increasing concern for domain name registrants and registrars. However, there are steps you can take to increase the security of your domain name registrations.

How to choose the right domain name for your company
As the editor of, I’m frequently e-mailed by people asking for domain name advice.

The Power That Reside on Domain Name
A domain name is a name that is registered through domain registrar which can be bought on the behalf of ICANN to replace IP address to easily memorized name.

Domain Names: An Unusual and Profitable Characteristic
Due to my other Internet activities I had relegated my hundreds of domain names to a low priority and seldom gave them much thought.

Domain Management
The way you manage your domain name name could mean the difference between your site being online or offline. Paying careful attention to administration is an important consideration easily overlooked.

Confessions of a Domain Name Junky
For some reason, I love domain names. I think it's tied tightly to the creative side of me... I sometimes seem to come up with ideas like there's no tomorrow.

Google Ranking Keeps Website Owners on their Toes
Google for the longest time maintains the standards which website owners need to maintain in order to achieve maximum exposure though the search engines.

IDN domain names are coming
If you have never heard of IDN domain names, you likely soon will. This is because the most used and popular internet browser in the world, Internet Explorer (IE7), is set to begin resolving them by default

Internet Domain Registration QuickTip
Internet Domain Registration QuickTip breaks down the Internet Domain Registration Process in to simple, easy to follow steps.

Google Seems to Look at the Age of Your Domain
Anyone who has been marketing on the Internet for a while knows that without good, targeted traffic generating sales for you, you are dead in the water.

When Selecting A Domain Name, Think Big
While, it can be important to fill a nitch with your domain name, it may be more important to choose a domain name that will allow you to expand in the future.

Tips and Tricks To Making BIG Money by Selling Domain Names
Would you like to be that lucky person who sells their domain for thousands or even a million dollars? It IS possible to find quality domains and resell them for huge amounts of money.

Best Practices Guide About Domain Names
Domain name represents your brand. Many people know very well the importance of brand in the "offline" but even those can make mistakes in their Internet brand management.

Free Domain Search Engine
It's a well-known fact that any business needs an operating station, or in this case, a "domain name".

Selecting A Domain Registrar
You need more than an idea and hosting plan to set up a web site. You also need a domain name. A domain name is your unique address on the Internet.

Biggest Benefit Of Using A Long Web Domain Name As A Marketing Strategy
Most business owner would have already understood the importance of a web presence to their business. What most of them had failed to understand is that the domain name in their website can contribute significantly to their online marketing strategy.

Domain name registration and copyright infringement
Domain names are representative of the address for a web site, and there is a rising trend of incidents of disputes over domain name registration with increased usage of Internet.

How To Really Profit from Domain Names
Have you heard about domain names that sold for over a million dollars? Inspired by this, you imagine registering a great domain name, hanging onto it for a while, and then selling it off to become the next multi-millionaire.

Protect Your Domain Name and Reputation
Cybersquatting, or registering a domain name in bad faith (usually a variation or mis-spelling of your domain name) an cause untold damage to a company and is a major problem on the Internet.

Domain Name Forwarding and Search Engines
You own a single site, but several domains - perhaps you wanted to make sure that even if your customers misspelled your domain name they'd get to your site.

The Domain Name Gold Rush
Domain names often come back onto the market. Even before they do, domain name prospectors are sifting through them to find the gold domains among them.

10 Sensible Steps to Take When Choosing Your Domain Name
With such a huge growth in the number of websites and the resulting difficulty in finding an available domain name, it is tempting to grab the first one that sounds like it might do the trick.

Secrets of Expired Domain Name Traffic
One of the biggest challenges to a webmaster is how to generate traffic. More traffic to your website equates to more sales.

Lookup domain names using name generators to save time
Many reputable domain registration services on the web have added little domain name generators to their sites. There are also entire name generation programs that have been popular in the marketing and branding industry for years.

The evils of .com- Myths and truths about choosing a domain name
How many tutorials have you found giving tips for domain names? They're everywhere! But how many of them tell the same exact thing?

Dot com or dot net, which is the best domain name to settle for?
When seeking domain names most people get confused over whether to settle for a dot com address or a dot net one.

Six Ways To Create a Keyword-Rich Domain Name
An easy to remember domain that describes your services should be the goal of every site owner. Here are some techniques that you can use to create the best domain name for your company.

The Sub-Domain - An Affiliate's Friend
It's surprising, at least to me, the amount of Affiliates who aren't aware of the value and flexibility that the 'sub-domain' can give their promotional website activities.

Dead Domains - find out How to give them a Good Send Off
How many times have you bookmarked a web site and, months later, gone back to find that the original content has disappeared and the new web site appears to be a directory of links?

Ten Good Reasons to Register a Domain Name Today
Lots of people will tell you that you either don't need a domain name or all the good ones are already taken. I don't agree, I find (and register) good domain names on your regular basis..

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