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Seven Frequently Asked Questions About Choosing A Domain Name
One of the most common questions I'm asked by my clients is "What domain name should I use for my website?".

What's in a domain name?
As the internet has grown, so has the competition for desirable domain names. You've seen and heard them all over the place – strings of characters, dots, and slashes..

5 Super Easy Secrets To A Winning Domain Name
Are you having sleepless nights thinking of the right domain name for your online business?. Well, everyone and everyone's grandmother knows by now why having your own domain is so important.

Can your website be stolen?
Many individuals and businesses have a web site but few understand their rights to the ownership of that site, or their responsibility to maintain that ownership. I bring this up because of a call I received last week from an individual whose website was “stolen”.

Good Tips in Choosing a Solid Domain Name
What makes a good domain name? It’s a name that gives you a decisive edge over your competitors that they often find hard to surmount. Your position in your industry can often be dictated by how good your domain name is.

What Is Cybersquatting
Cybersquatting is the purchase of a domain name in bad faith. Usually this is done with the intention of reselling that domain name back to the legal copyright holder, although sometimes there are other reasons. This is considered a violation of the trademark laws.

A Winning Domain Name
The domain name is one of the most important decisions you will make when trying to win over the search engine dilemma. Try using at least one of your best keywords within your domain name.

Domain Name Registration and Privacy
The internet is a wonderful thing, except for a few small details. When you register your first domain name, you get your introduction to one of them.

Domain Name Do's and Don'ts
The domain name must be registered and approved before you can call it your own. The reason it works this way is because two websites having the same domain name cannot reside online at the same time.

Why use multiple domain names?
It's quite common for a site to be referenced by more than one domain name. In fact, most sites are referenced by at least two: a www version and a non-www version. These are usually set up to reference the index page on a site and produce the same results for a searcher.

8 Tips for Choosing a Domain Name
If you're just starting out on the Internet choosing a domain name is one of the first major decisions you will have to make. I won't say that choosing a name for your site will determine the overall success or failure of your online business.

Domain Registration - how to setup domain with DNS, IP Address, web host
This article shows how to setup your domain and explains DNS, Nameservers, IP Address, Forwarding, domain registration and trouble shooting.

Domain Naming for Prosperity
Too little has been told. The things that I’ve heard make it even worse. Better nothing, then worse.Tell me your Domain name and I will tell you how successful you are.

Is your Domain Name in Trouble?
How long ago was it that you purchased your Domain Name? Is it time to re-register? Check your expiration date today! If you have six months or less on your contract, re-register today, before something happens and it's too late.

What Is Domain Name Slamming
Today I received a notice in the mail claiming that my domain name was about to expire. The letter was written in extremely alarming terms, as if my entire world would be destroyed forever if I was stupid enough to allow the name to expire.

What Is Domain Transferring
Are you getting the service that you require from your domain registrar? Actually, thinking about it for a minute, it might be a better question to ask, do you even know what services are available?

Sex, ICANN, and Your Domain Name
It's your domain, or so you say. One morning, you wake up to find that it's registered in someone else's name.

How To Check Your DNS Records With Dig
Have you ever wanted to query the Domain Name System (DNS) to discover what information it holds about your domain?

What is Domain Name Backordering? Watch Out For This One!
Domain names are the hottest net-real-estate on the internet. It's no wonder services like: "Domain Name Backordering" is available to the public.

Choosing a Domain Name
The importance of having your own domain name cannot be over-emphasized. If you are running an online business, and don't yet have a domain name, you are probably losing thousands of dollars worth of business because of this

Which TLD to use when choosing a domain
This article will attempt to sort them out a little bit for you, and hopefully make your decision on which TLD's to register a bit easier.

Why Should You Have Your Own Domain Name?
In 1989, I got my first account on a machine that was connected to the Internet, years before there was even a graphical Web browser, or even a Web, for that matter.

What is a Domain Name and Why Do You Need One?
A domain name in its simplest form is just an Internet Website address. Just as your house or apartment has its own unique identifying address for the post office, so does each and every Website in existence.

Getting the Right Domain Name
Once you are comfortable with working online, you should buy a domain name for your site or sites. Domain name registration, if you do it right, is one of the key components of having your site rate high in the search engines.

The Domain Success Manifesto
There is no secret that a domain name plays a critical role in a company's overall brand strategy. But what role does a domain name play when building the most important brand you have control over, your own personal brand?

Dreaming To Sell Your Domain For Millions?
Each and everyday you hear stories about some name getting thousands of dollars from the buyer. You also jump right into the game of domaining and hope for that lucky day to arrive when someone might get interested in your domain name.

How to make profits from expired domain registration
After the dot com crash, expired domain names and expired domain name traffic have been a source of potential income.

Choose A Domain Name That Floods Traffic To Your Website
Choosing a domain name is a very critical part of your website marketing strategy. By choosing a domain name that targets the specific keywords for your website you'll flood your website.

Useful Information on Registering Domain Names
Registering a domain name has become a very simple, common procedure. People all over the world from all kind of different countries register domain names for different purposes.

Few Great Tips On Domain Names
If you are looking for making some extra money, you should look into the domain names field as reselling domain names can be a very good opportunity for improving for financial status.

Important Advice For Domain Owners Hoping To Resell Their Domain Names
I recently interviewed some big names to learn their secrets. Due to the length of the discussion I have had to break up the entire conversation to several segments.

How to Choose a Good Domain Name
In this digital age, your company's web site is your electronic business card. A strong domain name is the key to your Internet presence.

Why Generic Domain Names Attract More Search Engine Traffic
Investing in a quality Generic Domain Name is the most effective and long lasting Marketing Strategy for your Internet based operation.

Business Domain Names
Since every website needs a name, Dr. Steve Baba has written a free ebook that will help you obtain a brandable, memorable domain name at a reasonable cost, which will contribute to your brand equity and profits.

Cheap and Easy Domain Name Registration
Just like any business, your identity is very important. On the World Wide Web, your domain name is your identity.

Reselling Domain Names
You offer web hosting services. Or web design services. Or both. When your clients need domain names for their websites, do you want to send them to another site.

What Makes a Major Domain Name Player?
Domain name investing is the only game in which you have absolute control over the fate of your investment on a global market.

Choosing Effective Domain Name
Domain name makes an Internet address of your web site that is why it has to be easy to remember and to type, it has to be representative and correspond with your web site.

How The Right Domain Name Can Improve Your Sales
So you're starting a website and have visions of making hundreds, even thousands of dollars in sales a day.

Free Domain Names
In response to the question "Can you get a free domain name" the answer is yes and no. For anyone who doesn't know, a domain name is the name that you have for your website.

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