Choosing a domain name for better ranking on Google

Choosing a domain name for better ranking on Google

Of course there are several other factors involved with getting that elusive number one spot. But what most everyone often overlooks is what I call the fifth element which Google uses to determine their ranking of a website and that is the domain name.

People, even SEO companies, don’t either know the importance of the domain name to Google or take the time to chose the proper name for the website.

Most just use their company name or what they conceder a "Cool" name for their websites. Now, unless your company is well known or at least well known in its field, using a basically unknown company name is pointless. Even more pointless is the "Cool" name.

The entire reason you optimize your website is to get visitors from search engines, so why not use all the tools available to get the best ranking possible for your website.

Use your domain name as one of those tools. Instead of your company name or the "Cool" one, use a keyword phrase, one that describes your product or service. Take your time in choosing the proper name.

Make sure that it will work best for your website. If you not sure ask your friends and relatives what keywords they would use to find your product or services on the Internet. You might be surprised at what they would use.

You have the keyword phrase that you know will work. But before you jump online and get that domain name there are a couple of things you may still need to do.

Let's say you're the owner of Mike's Bikes and you specialize in Colorado Mountain Bikes so you figure to kill two birds with one stone and use the domain name to keep your name in it along with using the keyword phrase. Now this might make sense to you but you’re not Google.

You're not going to like it but you need to drop the mikes out of the name because it's dead weight. So now you've got but wait before you burn up the keyboard use instead. Why? Because Google sees this as three different words and would see as a single word.

When people are doing a search they will not be using coloradomountainbikes, they are going to use Colorado mountain bikes. The bonus is that your domain name now becomes a keyword phrase used by Google when it performs a search.


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