Free Domain Search Engine

Free Domain Search Engine

A Nationwide study shows that nearly half of U.S. adults are looking into owning their own businesses. While every business is not an "e-business' or "click and mortar" business, there are growing numbers of brick and mortar businesses that are advertising, and even selling their goods and services online. It's a well-known fact that any business needs an operating station, or in this case, a "domain name".

Have you ever tried to find a domain for your business, organization or just plain personal use? In most cases you would have to come up with an idea, check if it's available, and if its not, then you'd have to go through the entire process again. Because you would have to find a name not in a list of 40 million dotcoms, this becomes a tedious and timely process.

There are now well over 56 million domains registered out of the global tlds (top level domains), which are .com, .net, .org, .info, and .biz. So how do you find a quality domain that somebody in the world hasn't already thought of? You don't.

Anything worth using has probably already been registered at one time or another. However, there are some things that you can do. You can either find someone who is selling a domain that you like and try to buy it at their asking price (which is probably very expensive), or you can save your money and use a different method for finding a quality domain.

Everyday over 20,000 domains become available. How does a domain become "available"? When a user registers a domain name they are actually renting it in one-year increments, if a user does not renew their domain at the end of their period it goes through an expiration process and then becomes available to the public once more.

However, even though 20,000 domains are re-entering the market each day, the domain industry is still growing and rapidly. As of April 22, 2005 the global tld registrations broke 50 million. Today, about 6 months later, there are over 56 million registered. This means that there are even more than 20,000 that are taken each day. In fact, most of the domains that come back on the market are immediately taken.

So how does one know when and which domains come back on the market? The answer is a special type of search engine known as a deleted domain search engine. This domain search engine allows users to search through millions of domains that have recently come back on the market and are currently available.

There are many paid and free domain search engines out there. A good free one is has created a domain name search engine that caters to anyone looking for the simplest domain name, to those that are in need of a more "complex" name. Over 20,000 domain names are added to this domain name search engine everyday.

For those users that go into a domain name search with no idea what they may want, offers suggestions for each keyword that appears on the right while searching. Finding the domain to fit your needs is made easier with this search engine. Upon finding your "perfect" domain name, allows you to purchase the domain name quickly. has many features that even most paid domain search engines lack. They have recently released a filter, which removes all domains from your results that are not 2-words. Meaning, when you type in the word car, every result that appears contains the word car and only one additional word or acronym. This removes all the misspellings and long awkward looking domains, leaving only quality domains for you to choose from.

This free deleted domain search engine can be found at With over 4 million recently deleted domains currently in the database, there is sure to be a domain for everyone. Now you can easily find and purchase quality domains without the large price tags.


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