Finding the best domain name, host and graphics for Maximum profit

Finding the best domain name, host and graphics for Maximum profit

Domain Name

A domain name is the word used for the actual website address. When someone keys in the domain name they will find your website. It is important that every e-Book you write and has a new and different domain name. This makes you e-Book stay in the memory of the customer and makes it a far more professional looking.

Your domain name must describe what your e-Book is about. For example if your e-Book was about building garden sheds, you should have a domain name like . You might notice that my domain has “.com” at the end. I would recommend this as it looks a lot more professional than

There is one main way where you can search for a domain name. You first need to come up with phrases and words that help to describe the e-Book. So our main word would be “Garden shed”, while other words could be building, creating etc.

The next step you need to take is go to the website Checkdomain
Then just type some ideas in the search engine and see are these domains available. Try a whole bunch of different domains like:

As you can see it’s a lot easier to read the domain with the hyphens, therefore if your domain is more than two words long, I recommend using the hyphen.

Once you have found a good domain name that has not already been registered (checkdomain will tell you this), you can sign up for that domain. There are a huge amount of domain registrars which you can sign up with.

Over the years though, I have found that the easiest way is to sign up the domain with your web hosting company. Therefore I would recommend when you are registering for your hosting company to sign up for a domain name also.


For your website to be viewable on the internet you must have a hosting company. This is effectively renting web-space. We will then make our sales website and upload to our new web hosting server. Don’t panic though, ill show you how to upload it in due course.

Choosing the right hosting company isn’t easy, as I myself have found out in the past. I would certainly be well aware of the “too good to be true” web-hosting company’s. Some company’s can turn out to be very unreliable.

We need a hosting service with excellent uptime (the website is up and running 24/7). There is no point having a sales website when no one can see it.

The software that I will be recommending later on, will require your hosting company to have the following specifications

24/7 ftp access
Perl 4.0 or higher
PHP 4.3 .x(or higher)

So you can check your potential web-hosting company to see if it has those specifications. One of the best tips I’ve ever received from an e-Book is from an immense e-Book publisher called Richard Adams

In his chapter on web hosting, he mentioned that he lived in the UK but since most of his potential customers lived in the US it would be a lot better to have a US based hosting company. This means that if someone from the US goes into your website it will run smoother and faster coming from a US based hosting company.

You’re probably saying to yourself, “how am I going to find a good web hosting company”. This is where a very handy website called tophosts comes in. They have a huge database of web-hosting services. If you go to the ecommerce hosting section, it gives a list of the top ecommerce hosting services and, trust me, they are all pretty good.

As I mentioned earlier Mr Adams mentioned a website called host4profit in his e-Book. It was the first hosting service I ever used and I still use it today as it’s extremely reliable and designed for e-Book sales sites. The website supplies unlimited autoresponders, newsletters and a site creation tool. It also supplies unlimited resell rights for a number of e-Books.

Now here is the great thing about host4profit. They charge a monthly hosting fee of around £30 dollars. This is reasonably good although I have never actually paid a monthly fee to them. The hosting company offers you ten dollars for every person you recommend to them that signs up, so if you recommend three people in a month your service is free.

If you’re actually asking yourself how can you get people to sign-up, its quite easy. E-Books contain hyperlinks so all you do is recommend the service in your e-Book and if a person clicks the link host4profit and then signs up then you will be paid.

I am not only recommending this hosting company because I’m getting it for free. I am recommending it because it’s the best hosting account for someone that is going to run an e-Book sales site and furthermore I want to offer you the chance of getting a quality hosting service for free.

Host4profit will also set up your domain name for you, so register straight away at host4profit and don’t forget to register for their affiliate programme.



Graphics are an essential part of the jigsaw when creating an e-Book site. They are similar to the domain name, in that it promotes a much more professional image. You will be very surprised by how much quality graphics can increase sales.

This doesn’t mean that you overload your website with graphics. The more graphics you have on your page the longer it takes to load. If a website takes too long to load when a potential customer clicks into it, it will result in loss of sales. The customer just gets bored waiting for your website to load and just clicks back out. Here’s what graphics a sales website should have

• A Logo
• A Header Image
• An e-Book Image
• Buy now image

Personally I recommend using at least three out of four of these graphics. Most of my sales websites contain a header image, an e-Book image further down and a buy now image. This is actually compulsory (I’ll explain this in more detail in step 6).

A logo

A logo is placed at the top of a sales page to attract the attention of the customer and also to give it a professional edge. A well designed logo attracts the attention of the customer, while promoting the domain name, which in turn describes the e-Book subject matter.

An e-Book Image

An e-Book cannot be touched or felt. An e-book image is a graphic that makes an e-Book more real. It gives your book a personality. I consider the e-Book image an absolute necessity. You cannot skip over this.

An e-Book image improves sales considerably. I found this out the hard way when I brought out an e-Book and decided not to have an e-Book cover. For the first three weeks I only sold 11 copies, I then decided to pay $97 dollars for an e-Book image from a website.

In the first week with the new image I sold 26 e-Books. That worked out at $320 for yours truly. Without the image I made $180 in three weeks. See where I’m coming from, Pay the $97 for the e-Book image and you’ll make it back in the first week plus profit. So I’ll say it again.

You must include an eBook image with your sales website

A Header Image

A header image is positioned at the top of the webpage in a rectangular shape. Like the e-Book cover, it is extremely beneficial to your sales page. It makes the sales page look much more presentable. A header image should contain a description of your product, web address and images.

Remember when a potential customer enters your sales site; the first thing he/she will see is the header image. If this is appealing enough to the customer they will then decide to read the rest of the sales letter. You can create a header yourself but I recommend paying someone to do it for you. It will probably look far superior to your own design.

It will roughly cost the same amount as an e-Book image. Don’t panic though, some company’s offer complete packages for reasonable prices which I will explain in the next two pages.

A “buy now” Image

A “buy now” image is rather simple really. It is just a graphic that replaces a blue text saying “click here”. It looks a lot better and is bigger than normal text. It is also easy to find when a potential customer decides to buy the e-Book; he can just click on the image. Generally you can get “buy now” images for free. One image should do you for everything. You can download these images from plenty of sources on the internet.


About the Author

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