Using parked domain names for article based mini sites

Using parked domain names for article based mini sites

More and more domain resellers are packing up and moving. Yes Moving, Moving away from the big domain sponsors like Sedo, Afternic, and DomainHop. They're moving to simple article driven "Mini Sites" and why not.

Why split you earnings with a company that isn't doing any thing to help you. Think about it, You park your domain at lets say, Sedo. They automatically generate a parking page and that's it, They don't help you generate traffic actually it's just the opposite they restrict the ways you can generate traffic.

Plus you can't establish any kind of link trade. So if your domain doesn't receive any type in traffic or if your domain wasn't registered before and already had establish traffic flows your out of luck. A parked domain with no way to generate traffic isn't going to generate much revenue. The only con of leaving your domain sponsor is the added cost of hosting.

They added revenue from not having to split your earnings with your domain sponsor sould more then make up for the added cost. So if you have the money to pay for the hosting for a couple months give it a try. I started out with a couple of my best performing domains and went from there. Here is some tips to get you moving.

Hosting - The best kind of hosting for this type of venture is what they call Multi or Unlimited hosting. With these type of hosting plans you can host 2 to Unlimited domains on one hosting account. If you have a large domain portfolio and plan on buying more I would go with the Unlimited hosting.

Unlimited hosting accounts are usually call reseller accounts don't be scared off by the name. If you sign up for a reseller you are not really required to sell hosting accounts. is perfect for hosting your "Mini Sites"

Picking The Right Sponsors - If you opt for a simple article driven "Mini Site" the best sponsors are Google's AdSense and Yahoo's Publisher Network. Adsense is the bully on your block and YPN is the new kid at school. AdSense ads are on so many websites that savvy ad hating web suffers are starting to pick up on the ads but YPN is still new and fresh. I would recommend joining both but remeber you can't put both on the same page this will get you kick out of both programs.

Articles - Any body can go to some article site pick out some articles and put them on a page but unless you are wiz at SEO that will not do much good. The key to generating traffic and good sponsor revenue is custom written articles. If you can write your own articles you're set, but if your like most people you hate to write.

Your in luck there are tons of people just waiting to write articles for you and write them cheap. Just go to your favorite search engine and type in Freelance Writers. What I have found to work the best is a custom article on the start page and 10 - 15 other articles per domain.

Ad Placement - I have tried out many different layouts and I still haven't found the perfect one. The best advice that I can give you is a 250 x 250 ad near the top on the left side surrounded by your article and a 120 x 600 skyscraper on the right lower part of your article.

TOS - This is the most important. Do not violate the TOS of your sponsors. There is nothing worse then reaching your first payout and having your account closed.


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