Confessions of a Domain Name Junky

Confessions of a Domain Name Junky

For some reason, I love domain names. I think it's tied tightly to the creative side of me... I sometimes seem to come up with ideas like there's no tomorrow. And where there's an idea, there's a great domain name to go with it. Sometimes a really great domain is what inspires the idea itself.

Some of the things I've come up with over the years included: - A Palm Pilot software site of course - This was going to be an ebook review site - Home office software and resources

I actually had a whole "files" theme going at o­ne point: pocketfiles, pdafiles, softwarefiles... heck I don't even remember all of them now.

There's o­nly so much time in a day though, and over the years I've forced myself to bypass hundreds of fantastic domains because I didn't have the time for them. You see, each time I'd give in to an impulse and register a great o­ne, I'd then make myself justify that purchase. And justifying it meant I had to develop it, and make it earn its keep in my overall business strategy.

There've been times I've juggled 10+ developed domains all at o­nce. As you might have guessed... this can cause a huge bottleneck. Dividing your time and attention between too many things causes all of them to be mediocre at best.

Recently though, I discovered a way to indulge my domain name passion... exercise my creativity without having to update multiple sites every single day... and make money from them too - all while barely lifting a finger.

I joined a service called Expired Domains. This service keeps you up to date o­n all of the domains that expire every single day. Using their tools, you can research these domains, and find some real gems. Not just creative o­nes either - but domains that have hundreds (sometimes thousands) of links to them from other sites across the web.

Since the links are already in place, I don't have to spend time promoting the new domain and bringing traffic to it. That solves o­ne of the biggest problems you run into when registering a new domain.

The second problem was continuous updates. If I followed my previous pattern, I'd be trying to develop all these new domains and completely defeat my purpose quickly because I wouldn't have time for them. So instead, I simply put up a search engine. Actually I don't even do that - I point the new domain to my existing search engine. This isn't what you'd consider a standard search engine though... because I earn money every time a visitor clicks a search listing.

Now I do have to admit that sometimes I'm sorely tempted. I'll find a really cool domain that immediately triggers a wonderful website idea and I have to force myself to not act o­n that. Much as I enjoy making great websites though, my goal this time around is to build up a solid hands free income stream.

So, no matter how good the domain is, or how much traffic it's getting... I don't allow myself to develop them. The closest I'll come is pointing an occasional domain to o­ne of my developed sites. o­nly if the domain has enough links, and/or it matches my target market somehow. Otherwise, it gets pointed to the search engine like all the rest.

Using this system I can now indulge my domain name passion without guilt, and build my long term income too.

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