5 Easy Steps to Redirect Other People's Traffic to Your Website Instantly for Almost Free

5 Easy Steps to Redirect Other People's Traffic to Your Website Instantly for Almost Free

Listen up I am going to share with you here a GREAT, EFFECTIVE and almost FREE way to drive targeted traffic to your business AND get +100 link popularity INSTANTLY!

Yes! This technique is that simple AND powerful! And it's called: Expired Domain Traffic.

If you did not hear of this method, I am going to show you here a step-by-step procedure to use it to increase the traffic to your websites and affiliate programs. In the case you know about technique, you find this article useful because it will show you a complete different view and allow you benefit from expired traffic in a more effective way you never thought possible before!

Let's start immediately then with crucial facts you must know about:

Fact #1:

Every day +1000 of domains are forfeited by their owners who fail to renew or pay for the registration fees on their expiring domains.

This creates an incredible, yet little-known opportunity for you to own a domain that may have been registered as long as 3 or 4 years ago! Here are the current statistics:

Domains registered: 36,645,520

Domains deleted: 23,432,480

Fact #2:

4% of the total forfeited domain names are actually available after long years of promotion!

If you are the one to register it, you will get a popular domain name that still drive targeted traffic due to the huge link popularity it has. In other words, you benefit from thousands of dollars and years of marketing promotion for you instantly!

Fact #3:

There are still plenty of excellent domain names out there! You will soon discover that all the best domain names are NOT registered ...yet!

Prepare to be amazed!

"But What is the Expired Domain Traffic?", I hear you say. I'm glad you asked. :-)

The technique is to register domain names with existing traffic and link popularity and point them to your own websites. Resulting on an immediate targeted traffic boost, link popularity increase and additional advertising for almost nothing. It is that simple!

Now I think you realize the HUGE power of this technique.

With that said, let's go further. Unlike all the WhoIs websites out there, you should not register any available domain name out there and hope it will bring traffic to you.


You need to register only highly valuable domain names. In other words, you have to locate the domain names with existing targeted traffic and popularity first. "This sounds great!", you're probably thinking. But, how can you do that? Some work involved. Lots of profit potential.

With this crucial precaution in mind, we can start the process of redirecting targeted traffic to your own websites...

How to Locate Such Valuable Domain Names?

All you have to do is follow these simple 5-steps instructions:

Step #1. Compile a list of keywords:

You have to make a list of key phrases (not keywords!) related to your business. Each key phrase could contain 2 up to 3 keywords. I suggest you make different combinations for every key phrase. For example, let's assume you want "cooking" and "book" as keywords. Then you should include the following domain names:

"cookingbook.com", "cookingbooks.com" and "bookcooking.com".

You can even add different top level names:

"cookingbook.net", "cookingbook.biz" or "cookingbook.co.uk".

You can also use dashes (hyphens) in your domain names.

You probably heard some voices that will tell you to avoid them. But I think that it is useful for multiple domain names like we are looking for. Because dashes separate important keywords making it more easier for search engines to index your web page. However, I agree that you should not use a hyphenated domain as your primary domain. In our example, you can include: "cooking-books.com".

Step #2. Browse the WhoIs database for relevant domain names:

Now that you have created the domain names list, it's time to start the search! You need to browse the WhoIs online database. The directory of registered and available domain names. There are plenty of these websites on the Net. Just check out the Google results for "whois search". I have listed some below to save you time searching. While surfing the Internet, you can do more research on your own:





Type in the domain together with the extension (.com or .net) for each domain names in your list. And report the available domain names in another list. You may call it: the Domain Selection List. You can also visit the deleted domains website. Here is the link:


The automatic search engine is worth the try.

Step #3. Select the most valuable domain names:

Before you go registering all the available domain names in your "Selection List". You need to pick out the most valuable ones.

Just point your web browser to http://www.google.com and use the "link:" operator to check out the popularity of a domain name. For example, search Google for "link:www.cookingbook.com"

The result is a list of the pages that link to the that domain.

The results page will tell you how many website are still linking to that domain name. Pick out those with the greater link popularity. And repeat this task for all the domain names in your "Selection List". Upon completing the process, you should find a wealth of optimized and valuable domain names!

Step #4. Register them!

You will need to register the domain names in order to point their traffic to your primary website. The registration process locks your domain name so that no one else can take it.

There are plenty of registration services online. You can search Google for "domain name registrar" or you can simply use the one you are familiar with.

Step #5. Redirect them!

Here is where the fun begins. All you have to do is redirect the existing traffic to your own website. And see your website hits stats soar!

Please note that we are talking about targeted traffic not any prospects out there. Because we have already selected domain names for your specific keywords. During step #1. Remember?

So you can do that, if you just place a redirection page that points to your official website into your "fresh" domain name!


In closing... There you have it; 5 steps to unleash the power of expired domain traffic to your website.

Of course there's an automated, faster and powerful strategy to grab those valuable domain names. I will cover this strategy in detail in my website. I highly recommend you review it as soon as possible. See you there!


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