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Content, Content, Content

Content, Content, Content


Much like the old adage for real estate: location, location, location - the adage for the internet should be: content, content, content.

And as in real estate, many Webmasters don't put enough weight on this adage, often opting for cool interactivity and flashy gizmos that certainly dress up a site, but don't add to the sites real value.

There are far too many sites on the Web today that have no real content. What many Webmasters and site operators don't realize, though, is that good content does more than just keep your visitors interested and give you a good site. It can also help you to promote your website.

Increasingly search engines are ignoring the traditional method of reading the META tags for keywords and descriptions, as these are often abused by users. Instead, search engines like Google now read the whole web page and use it to generate matches. It stands to reason that, the more pages and words you have, the more chance you have or being returned as a search result.

Similarly, if you have well written, quality content, other websites may link to your site which will help increase your traffic. Links to your pages will help boost your ranking on Google, which tracks links to your site as a measure of popularity.

How can you get good content on your website?

Create It Yourself

Without a doubt, the cheapest way to generate content is to write it yourself. For a number of reasons, though, this may not be the easiest way to do it. Writing quality content takes a lot of time, and you will need a good knowledge of your subject to be able to produce effective content.

If you have the skills and time to generate content, though, this is really the best route to take. You will be guaranteed to have exclusive content and you will know that you have copyright permission to publish it.

Find Others to Write It

You can ask friends, relatives or employees to write some content for you or you can hire an author to write content - many people online have excellent content-writing skills and are more than willing to work for you - for a price. If you need a lot of good quality content quickly, and you have the budget, this may be the right choice for you.

Have Your Site Visitors Submit It

It has become common recently for sites to invite their visitors to contribute in various ways. This could be in the form of user-submitted news or articles, comments and feedback from readers or even a forum or discussion board. This is inexpensive to do and will save you time and money, but requires a significant number of visitors to make this worthwhile.

Syndicated Content

Another good source of content is to use syndicated content from other sites. Many news organizations will provide free news feeds. Often, just a simple snippet of HTML or JavaScript is provided for you to paste into your pages - the result is self-updating news headlines on your site. Because the headlines link to the sources pages, they are willing to do it for free.

There are also many authors who write articles which can be used in exchange for a byline (a small paragraph of text and a link at the bottom). This is common in many newsletters, where guest authors write featured articles. There are a number of sites that are dedicated to cataloging and distributing these types of resources, an example is

Regardless of how you choose to generate or collect content for your Web site, eZine, eMail or Newsletter, you must remember that it is the most vital ingredient for success. So Give the people what they want: no matter how flashy your site, no matter how fast - people want fresh, good quality content - and you should give it to them.


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By Jeffrey Ellison is founder of a Web Development firm, and Get free and affordable content for your Web site, eZine, eMail or newsletter at

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