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Getting your Visitor's Details Using PHP
You can get quite a bit of information about your visitors without having to use a third party tracking software. I'll outline the PHP commands you can use to capture some of this data.

Top 7 Reasons to Review your Web Traffic Analysis
Understanding your Website's traffic logs is a crucial component of your online marketing mix. It tells you what your visitors do, of their own volition, so it's "market research that cannot lie!"

7 Free Statistics Trackers for Your Website
As some of you probably now know, WebTrends Live at no longer offer the free Personal Edition of their statistics tracker.

Tracking Your Success
For most of us involved with web building or e-commerce, hit counting is old news. We all have our hit counters so we have an idea what traffic is like at our site on a day to day basis. Some even go as far as to note times and chart responses to promotions. But as our on-line world evolves, so must we.

Perspective On Your Site Traffic
While reading an ebook, I ran across the phrase, "...27,390 visitors a month. Not impossible, but a lofty goal. Let's say, though, that you only want a much smaller number."

Is anyone visiting my web site?
Is your web site performing as you expected? Do you know who visits your site and how often? What is the nature of their visits? Where do your visitors come from? What other web sites or search engines are referring visitors to your site? What web pages interest your visitors the most and which ones attract less attention?

Let's face it, some businesses sell "high ticket" items with enough profit margin that a few sales will do. Internet businesses don't usually follow this trend. So one of the KEYS to success on the net is driving HUGE amounts of traffic to your site.

How To Develop Maximum Web Site Traffic
Most people approach the web passively. They put up a web site, They wait. Nothing happens. They complain. Or even, ridiculously, pull off the web, like it's the web's fault that 60 million people didn't drop by before breakfast.

3 Easy Steps To Turn Traffic Into Targeted Website Visitors!
Have you ever wondered why car dealerships use crazy tactics like shining lights that point nowhere into the sky, clowns walking on stilts, and balloons that tower into the sky?

Multiple Domain Names Mean More Traffic
Online marketing and promotion is time consuming. You can spend several hours just submitting your url to search engines. If you’re going to devote all that energy, you’d better make sure you have a site that’s user friendly.

Is All Web Traffic, Good Traffic?
Each of these gurus talk about how they achieved so many sales from 10,000 visitors, or we will guarantee you will make at least 1 sale from every 1,000 visitors you have at your website even if it’s a ugly website.





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