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Increasing Link Popularity Without Exchanging Links

Increasing Link Popularity Without Exchanging Links

Yes, it can be done. Here are 7 ways that a site can acheive increased link popularity without having to exchange links:

Directory Submissions - Submit to the Open Directory and other sites like JoeAnt and Gimpsy. These are all human reviewed directories, therefore search engines will consider that your site must be of pretty good quality to be listed in them. Submission to these sites is free, but there can be quite a wait to get reviewed, since editors are unpaid volunteers. In addition to
a link popularity boost, a listing in Open Directory will get your site listed in the other Open Directory powered sites like Google's web Directory, AOL's web directory and many others.

Tips For Directory Submissions:

Editor Check - Is there an editor for your desired category? If not, consider applying. For Open Directory, this can give you the power to add your site much more quickly.

Link Title - Don't try any tricks to get keywords in your title if they are not in your company name. This will get your listing edited if the listing is approved or rejected outright. The
title must be your official website or company name.

Description - Again, don't try to insert extra keywords here, it could backfire and your description will be edited or your listing rejected. The description should be short and concise.
Just tell what your website offers and give some product or service examples if appropriate. Again, keep it short!

Be patient! - It may take weeks or months to be reviewed. If you've submitted before and are still not listed, try writing a polite note to the editor of the category to see if there was a problem.

Paid Submissions - Paid submissions to quality directories and portals is also a good idea. It is well known that a listing in the Yahoo directory area will give you a good Google PageRank boost. Listing in the Yahoo directory area is $299, so skip this option if your budget is limited.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engine Submissions - Google lists the results of many smaller pay-per-click search engines. This can help link popularity if your site is listed in these results for your important keywords and phrases. There are hundreds of these smaller PPC engines that offer a free advertising credit just for signing up.

Take a jaunt on over to for a good list of them.Submit listings under all your important keywords and phrases and include keywords in your title.

Affiliate Program - Having an affiliate program can boost your overall sales by letting other sites do the advertising for you, but did you know that this can also help link popularity? For some affiliate program services like Commission Junction or LinkShare, they use a special link to track clicks and sales, so these may not be effective since they do not contain your actual domain name. The kind of affiliate program I am talking about is the type that uses your domain name in the tracking URL you give affiliates to use. Something like:

As long as your affiliate program uses this type of link, then your site should see an increase in link popularity. Just make sure you offer a good incentive for affiliates so that they will add your link to their site. Even better, you can approve only related sites or sites with a good Google PageRank or Alexa traffic ranking into your program!

Specialized Submissions - What type of site do you have? What do you sell? Chances are there is a directory that specializes in just sites like yours. Have a casino or gambling site? There are many gambling portals and search engines. Submit to all of them. Have a site that sells antique fishing tackle? Yep, there are directories relating to fishing, but you can also submit to the many antique and collectible directories as well! Sell wedding dresses in New York? Submit to the many wedding and bridal directories and the New York search engines too. Whatever your niche, chances are that there is a specialized directory or search engine for that area. Find them and submit! You'll benefit from the targeted traffic they send but also increased link popularity.

Create Your Own Directory - Set up your own specialized search engine, directory or portal catering to your target audience. Your site can be a featured or showcase site on the main page and other pages! To attract users, add interactive content such as forums, have chats,
offer contests, the possibilities are endless.

Expired Domain Names - Maybe a site in your industry has gone out of business? You may be able to pick up their domain name and with it all their incoming links and traffic. Increase your link popularity by adding your link to the site prominently, then go ahead and re-direct the user to your site after a few seconds. Don't re-direct quickly or you may not reap any link popularity benefits.

That's it! 7 ways to increase your website's link popularity without maintaining a links page and without sending your visitors to competitors!


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Kacey Donston - has been promoting online businesses since 1998. Offering search engine optimization, positioning services, pay per click campaigns, ranking checks, resubmissions, evaluations and more. We offer comprehensive packages for home business owners, small businesses and corporate customers.

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