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Link Popularity in Web Marketing - Guides & Articles

How Directories Help Search Engines
At the beginning of the web era, users would go to directories to find sites relevant to their interests. In fact, Yahoo!, the web's number one destination, started as a directory. Nowadays, most users rely on search engines, not directories, to find what they're looking for.

Link Building: To Link, or Not to Link, That is the Question
Lately, there have been a lot of heated discussions regarding link building. Is it ethical to create a link building campaign? Does Google or any other search engine penalize for "link farms"...

How to fire up your link popularity
When I first started out in Internet marketing, reciprocal linking was one of the techniques that I was required to master.

Building Link Popularity As Easy As 123
The most difficult area of SEO is building link popularity. You may be thinking why? Because there are no easy ways to build link popularity. In this article I will tell you how to get links and how to find them.

Do You Make These Link Building Mistakes?
Many people know that link building plays a vital part in high search engine rankings. But it must be done right. Otherwise, sites with fewer links will rank higher than yours.

20 Easy Ways To Get People To Link To Your Web Site
A link exchange Internet marketing campaign is the process of exchanging hyperlinks with a quality site that is somehow related to a company's product or service.

A Guide to Better Link Popularity
Over the past year or two, one thing has become extremely clear...the need for link popularity. Every major engine weighs the link popularity of sites heavily when ranking sites.

3 Simple Tricks For Quickly, Easily and Cheaply Getting Those First Visitors To Your Web Site
There are two tactics that you have probably heard a lot of these days: AFFILIATE PROGRAMS and OPT-IN EMAIL. No doubt these are two POWERFUL tools of generating online income and sales. There is a catch though... they only work if you are ALREADY getting the necessary traffic to your web site.

Increasing Link Popularity Without Exchanging Links
Yes, it can be done. Here are 7 ways that a site can acheive increased link popularity without having to exchange links:

The Ten Commandments of Linking
I've been teaching people the virtues of linking the right way for a long time in my book, "Gorilla Website Marketing". However, there are many people out there that just haven’t got it figured out yet.

How To Find Relevant Web Sites For Link Exchanges
If you’ve been on the internet very long at all, you know that one of the very best and certainly cheapest ways of making your web site known is by exchanging links with other sites similar to yours.

Build Link Popularity The Smart Way
As webmasters research various ways to get more traffic to their site one method that is gaining more and more publicity is Link Popularity. Link Popularity is the number of links that point to your website as measured by the search engines.

Testimonials as a Linking Strategy - Twist on Link Campaigns
Standard, well-worn marketing techniques sometimes gain some polish when you rework them a bit. Everyone knows that happy customer testimonials are a valuable addition to your business marketing materials and your web site.

How popular are you - online that is?
With the web today you "sorta haveta" have a rank in the major search engines if you want to be seen. I mean with 250,000,000, yes 250 million searches a day on Google alone, how are your visitors and potential customers going to find you?

Link To Get Traffic - Not Search Engine Rankings!
In order to weather any drops from single-sources of traffic to your site, you must have a lot of irons in the fire (links). People you have targeted as your best prospects should be able to find your site virtually everywhere they surf.

How to get non Reciprocal Links
Webmasters have become paranoid with link popularity therefor making it the most popular SEO techniques that is used on the web today. Why should you be worried about link popularity?

Everyone Wins With Reciprocal Link Exchange
Many Webmasters are realizing the beauty of Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O) when utilizing a popular technique known as Reciprocal Link Exchange.

Secrets of Reciprocal Linking Strategy
Whether you're new to the internet or a seasoned online marketer, developing a plan to increase the number of reciprocal links back to your website can help you bring more highly targeted traffic..

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