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7 Simple And Quick Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Subscribers

7 Simple And Quick Ways To Dramatically Increase Your Subscribers

The importance of having an ezine is enormous!

The ezine gives you freedom to decide how to do business and when to do it. It literally assures your online success. And it's sure "Worth Its Weight In GOLD!"

In fact I would say that my ezine alone is responsible for about 60% to 70% of the money I make.

Fact 1: On average it takes up to 7 times for the customer to interact with you before he/she buys.

Fact 2: To highly increase your sales you must follow-up!

Fact 3: The real money comes when you build a reputation and credibility by making people respect you.

And guess what's the tiny little thing that achieves all of these things for you? It's your ezine. Let me repeat it once again: E-Z-I-N-E

Below are 7 ways to add more subscribers (i.e. more potential customers) to your ezine that will make you HUGE money in the future:

Way #1
Offer free gifts. That is the one tactic that will bring you out the most subscribers. Include several (not more than 3-4, otherwise you will underrate your ezine). Make sure that your free gifts greatly combine with your ezine i.e. don't offer a free ebook about pet care if your ezine is dog related.

Way #2
Use a form for subscribing. It may sound strange but people do prefer to insert their names and email and press a button than sending you a blank email. And my researches prove this! When I started using a three-field form (first, last name and email) my subscribers increased twice.

Way #3
Use a pop-up, pop-under, pop-on-exit (etc.) windows on every page you can. There you should put the most compelling benefits of your product and tell about your free gifts. Make it short to read and fast to load.

Way #4
Include your ezine information and subscribe email address in all of your signatures! Signatures should include free stuff so your ezine is the best possible solution!

Way #5
Create Joint Ventures with other ezine publishers. Recommend each other's ezine; put a small ad in each other's ezine or at your thank-you pages, etc. I really recommend you to use as it is a great way to make Joint Ventures with other publishers, faster, more effectively and at no cost.

Way #6
Write articles and send them to publishers with ezines on the same subject (don't send it to just anyone). Create informative articles, that are easy-to-read and are proofread, that contain useful information and are between 400-700 words. A good article for example is the one that provides you with XXX tips/ways/reasons to do something.
Having a good headline for your article will also dramatically help you.

Way #7
Last but not least use the potential of free services. The best I know so far is Subscriber Drive (

Here's how it basically works: you show a pop-up window with several ezines inside it. In exchange a pop-up with your ezine (along others) inside it is shown three times on other pages. This way you earn pretty many subscribers... plus you can refer other people and earn extra traffic from them!

Another technique you might consider to use is creating a banner ad for your ezine and using it with BannersGoMLM (

And if you create a small web site for your ezine (you can even use your pop-up window) you can use StartBlaze at: And promote this page, which offers your ezine.

About the Author

Dmitry Nanev is the creator of Sales Ratio Booster: Newly Discovered Technique for Personalizing Your Web Sites:

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