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How to Escape From a Boring Life-Create Wealth Online

How to Escape From a Boring Life-Create Wealth Online

Many people are trapped in servitude, performing a job that gives them no joy but that is a bill paying necessity.

Many regard this situation as obligatory and part of life so it never occurs to them to do something to change it.

There are other people who can’t wait to get out of bed in the mornings because they are masters of their day and relish the joy each day brings them from their chosen occupations.

They answer to no one but themselves. They have chosen independence with all that it entails and the joy of life that it brings.

They can usually be found having a leisurely breakfast at home with their families and the commute consists of heading down the hall to the home office one room over from the den. Yes, the room with the computer desk set up so that just by looking a little to the right, you can look out into your garden.

You choose. You can you know. You can choose!

You can be one or the other.

I can tell you unequivocally that every day many folks make the transition from wage slave to independent writers of their own pay checks, for the amount they desire in an environment of their own choosing.

My day starts with that leisurely breakfast and while I wait for the breakfast gong I go to the computer in my office and check out how much money has come to my account while I have been sleeping. And yes if I look a little to the left of my screen I can look out a picture window to see how that mallard family is doing riverside.

I have not worked for anyone else for decades and my income now comes via the internet. Almost on autopilot.

How can this be? Because some time back I made the conscious choice for it to be so.

And now it is!

I owe it all to the internet and the fact that I made the choice to embrace what it could do for my life and simply got at it…and got it done!

The blueprint for your escape could look something like this. Keep your regular job and risk nothing by slowly and incrementally learning how to apply proven techniques in ecommerce to eventually replace your pay check and when you are ready, and only then, you say goodbye to your boss.

Ecommerce. The internet and your computer.

The keys to your escape to a new life!

Look at the expansion of the internet. Some of the statistics that are coming in are showing staggering increases in internet usage from all over the world.

As of the end of 2005 there are over a billion people worldwide online. This number is increasing rapidly every year.

It breaks down to 364 million in Asia, 290 million in Europe, 225million in North America and 79 million in Latin America. The rest are scattered all over.

This represents the fastest and most pervasive growth of any technology ever in the history of man.

This phenomenon represents an income opportunity for those that care to think about it and to take advantage of it.

It is now possible for anyone with a modicum of ability to earn an income on the internet marketing things of interest these billion people are looking for.

And they are looking!

One of the things that people shop for most on the internet is information.

And they are quite prepared to pay when they find the information they are looking for.

The market for information has spawned a phenomenon known as the E-book.

The E-book is an electronic book created by an author on a given subject and is available to a purchaser on line instantly as a download for a price.

The seller needs to maintain no inventory and the credit card transaction is handled by an intermediary so the seller does not need to arrange that either!

The demand for E-books is absolutely huge and growing.

Amazingly, an individual is now able to create a storefront on the internet and market the E-books that these people are looking for.

The economics of this phenomenon are quite compelling.

For example, let’s say someone has just written a lengthy book on how to build a particularly exotic type of wooden bird feeder and taken it off to the publisher. The publisher would decline it out of hand saying that only one in a thousand people would be interested in that.

On the internet however one in a thousand buyers means 225,000 potential buyers in North America alone!

290,000 in Europe and 364,000 in Asia.

And those buyers will search for that book on the internet!

The opportunity for those who wish to grasp it is obvious.

Many alert marketers have already seized on the opportunity and many more do every day.

Fortunately the market and the scope of topics are vast and there is plenty of opportunity to work on.

Here is how it’s done.

Firstly, there is no need to write the book.

Authors are perfectly willing to let you sell the book and split the proceeds.

This is the worldwide phenomenon of affiliate marketing.

That’s right, you can create a storefront, stock it with books of your choice from thousands available, have the credit card transaction taken care of by others and expect to have a check in your mailbox in two weeks for half of the value of books sold.

Books range in price from $15 to $100 plus but the average is about $40.

Remember,these are not real printed books that need shipping a la Amazon or EBay.

These are electronic E-books that people in droves pay very good money to down load to their computers.

Sounds simple? Well many hucksters on the internet would have you believe that there is nothing to it. Read their book and instantly learn the “marketing secrets that will make you $2000 dollars a day for 15 minutes work a day”---Not!!

Well as intelligent folks [you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise!] I am sure you know that when you see claims like that it is time to run a mile!

Pay close attention! Here are the straight goods.

You get out what you put in. Same as most things in life.

You do not need to be a computer genius. Many folks are involved in E-marketing without huge computer skills and only have the ability to send emails and can copy and paste!

It is quite possible to earn an extra $1000 per month with the right tools and some effort.

To make a good living income requires more effort and time, but those with a serious yen for a better life do what’s required to succeed.

And best of all you can start on the road to independence part time!

I have read a lot of how to books on marketing and done a lot of research.

It comes down to this.

[1] You need to have a marketing system which provides you with a professional website, a huge inventory of book titles and a reliable credit card system and a reliable payroll system.

You will not find a marketing system contained in an E-book on Marketing so don’t waste your time and money going there.

[2] You have to learn how to drive traffic to your bookstore once it is open because otherwise you will have a book store that no one can find! There are many ways to promote your site and these will be discussed by your marketing system provider.

With these two things in place and with a little effort I believe it is quite possible for you to set the stage for your eventual departure from a job and lifestyle you are not happy with.

The link in my bio below will direct you to a lot more information on your escape plan. Also there you will find a rarity on marketing sites---a direct email link to a real live person [me] to set you on the right road.


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The author of this article has been involved in marketing in many levels for most of a long career in sales. He believes that marketing on the internet is making all other forms of marketing obsolete. He has interests in marketing on line consulting time, on line real estate consulting and affiliate marketing at

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