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What The Gurus Didn't Tell You About Google Adwords

What The Gurus Didn't Tell You About Google Adwords


Now if you have been marketing online for awhile you have probably heard of Google Adwords. Basically, for those that don't know, you pay for each time someone clicks on your ad. This has been a proven way to market as it is VERY targeted!

This usually leads to great conversion rates. Well when the gurus tell you to advertise on Google or any other PPC they don't tell you the whole story.

What they haven't told you is that your ad can be taken off Google if your CTR (click-thru rate) isn't high enough. That means a certain percentage of people that see your ad need to click on it. Well you can make sure that you ad doesn't get taken off.

You have to target your keywords. You can do this by putting brackets [] around keywords that are two words or less and putting quotes " " around keyword phrases that are more then 2 words. So if your keyword is golf clubs then it must be put into brackets like this [golf clubs]. If you don't then your ad could show up for people searching for "great golfers." Those people will probably not click on your ad which drops your CTR.

Just to let you know, this is FREE information given by Google if you call them up for help. I've seen people sell this information for $50 which I think is very unfair since they got if for free.

So just follow these steps to success on Google.

1.) Choose the keywords that you want to target using the tip I gave you. Make sure people are actually searching for your keyword and make sure it isn't super-competitive.

2.) Write an ad. Look at some of the ads on Google and learn from the ones that made you want to click on their link. What did they do that made you want to click?

3.) Bid on the keyword. You do NOT have to be number one, but you do want to be on the first page. Again if your keyword is too competitive, it is going to cost like around $5 per click which is VERY risky.

4.) If you profit, keep the ad running. If it fails, try to find out what you did wrong. Is the ad copy not good? Is the market too competitive?

5.) Once you start to profit on Google, start advertising on other PPCs. Repeat the process.

If you thought this report was good wait until you see the second. In fact I'm going to give you way more then two reports. Go here: and fill it out. I'll give you a special gift. You just need to take these baby steps then you are on the road to success

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Brendan McCaffery. Check out my site at: I love internet marketing and I am here to help people that need to know where to start.


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