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Learn How to Boost Your AdWords CTR

Learn How to Boost Your AdWords CTR

Google AdWords cost-per-click program enables anyone to bring quality traffic of targeted users directly to one’s website offering products and services online.

Maintaining a high click thru rate (CTR) is critically important for you because:

  • It prevents Google from automatically disabling your otherwise low CRT AdWords ad.
  • Higher CTR ads brings more traffic.
  • You enjoy cost saving by paying less per click than competing ads below your ad, as Google rewards advertisers for placing relevant ads with higher CTR.

Writing ads in Google AdWords to maximize your click-through-rate and ROI requires good deal of thinking, research and a lot of experimentation. The bottom line is to achieve just the right amount of words in almost right order.

There is a science to writing AdWords ads to achieve higher CTR. Here are some tips that can help:

1. Use some or a large number of targeted keywords (that a user might type into the search box) in your ad. Ads, which contain the words users are actively searching, are more likely to be clicked, hence higher click thru rate. Keywords in your ad will automatically become bold when they are part of the search words.

2. If your ad does not have any relation with keyword you are bidding (irrelevant ads), the quality of your ad will be lower and you would have to pay more to get into a higher position.

3. While setting up your Ad Groups, create separate Ad groups for different sets of keywords you plan to bid for. This was you stay keyword centric.

4. AdWords ads that are capitalized are found to outperform ads that are not because they stand out and tend to be far more noticeable. But just the right amount of capitalization would do the magic rather than capitalizing every word, which otherwise would do more harm.

5. Headline is the most important place to place your keywords even if it offers less space than description.

6. To automatically include any of your targeted keywords in your headline, use the dynamic keyword code tag "{keyword:}". This code will be dynamically replaced with the actual keyword that someone is searching if that word happens to be one of the keywords you bid on.

7. Use Google’s keyword tool ( ) to filter out the keywords with miniscule traffic.

8. Keywords which only get impressions but no clicks would drag down your CTR. Hence deleting them from your Ad Group will most certainly enhance your CTR.

9. Use quantitative terms wherever possible. For example, instead of: 'Make Loads of Money From Home', you could say 'Make $2000 Weekly From Home'.


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Kiran Pal is founder and CEO of, a web designing and web marketing company founded in 1996. He also manages Cyberindian Tech which is a resource site dedicated to providing technology product reviews, news and comprehensive information on all electronic technology products happening in India.


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