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Google AdWords - Guides & Articles

Learn How to Boost Your AdWords CTR
Writing ads in Google AdWords to maximize your click-through-rate and ROI requires good deal of thinking, research and a lot of experimentation. The bottom line is to achieve just the right amount of words in almost right order.

Top 7 Ways to Make Sure Google Adwords is Making You Money
Most people dont realize that the more money you spend for Google Adwords traffic in comparison to the Google AdWords ads in the positions below and above your ad, the less amount of traffic that will come to you.

Lower Cost and Increase Conversion of Your AdWords Ads
When you're paying each time someone clicks your AdWords (or other PPC) ad, the last thing you want is a person determined to visit every site to find the best price, the closest location or the most secure guarantee.

10 Inside Secrets to Google Adwords - Part 3
There are several tricks to advertising on Google Adwords that unless you know them, it becomes almost impossible to turn a profit on your advertising.

10 Inside Secrets to Google Adwords - Part 2
Are you frustrated with spending your hard-earned money on Google Adwords and losing more money than you make? Part 2 of this series continues revealing the inside secrets of successful, profitable advertising with Google Adwords

So You Want to run a Pay-per-Click Campaign?
According to Google, all it takes is $5.00 and a credit card and you can begin to run your own Pay per Click campaign. What they neglect to tell you is that you need to learn an entire new language to understand how to manage Google Ad Words.

What The Gurus Didn't Tell You About Google Adwords
What they haven't told you is that your ad can be taken off Google if your CTR (click-thru rate) isn't high enough. That means a certain percentage of people that see your ad need to click on it.

Adwords Can Drive Laser Targeted Traffic
Right now, one of the best promotional schemes is Google’s Adwords. The surge in popularity of Google’s Adwords is very evident as you can see many sites that have adopted this marketing strategy.

Creating Landing Pages For Google Adwords
Advertisers are neglecting a very important part of their AdWords campaign: the landing page. A good landing page is just as important as a good ad, good keywords and strategic bidding. By creating an effective landing page advertisers can increase conversions, which will make their campaigns more competitive and profitable.

How To Fight Click Fraud In Google Adwords
Click fraud is a very real concern for anybody who is doing pay per click marketing. Click fraud involves any artificially created click on your ad.

Google Adwords Advertising
The Adwords advertiser pays a fee for getting the advertising space and Google shares some of that money with the Adsense publisher that allows the ads to appear.

Win With Google AdWords
Most businesses want a cost-effective way to bring in more customers. The challenge is to find prospects who are thinking about your products at the exact time that you reach them.

Guide to Google Adwords
The initial advertising model that Google had developed was primarily for the use of big companies however, it later also developed the Google Adwords program which offers beneficial results to all companies, big and small.

Get Googled with Adwords to Boost Website Visits
If you want to sell products, it might be a good idea to check into the Google Adwords program to give you web site more exposure. Besides, it is not hard to learn and it can mean big profits for your business too.

Google Adwords Explained
If you are a business owner and want people in need of your products or services to find your website, paying Google for one its advertising services, such as Google AdWords, is a surefire way to increase web traffic.

Google Adwords - How Does It work For You?
Google found itself in a unique position of bringing marketers and consumers closer to each other. The result of this was the creation of the Google Adwords advertising process. This service is Google’s own improvement on the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising model.

Google Adwords ? Online Riches Without Owning A Website Or Product!
Did you know that you can make money from Google Adwords without having a product to sell, or even a website?

Google's AdWords - Groundbreaking Program
One of the absolute best online marketing processes available to any business today is Google's AdWords Select advertising program. It produces immediate results within minutes after being setup.

5 Ways To Make Your Adwords Ads Outshine Your Competitors'
Google Adwords is a very good place to promote your business on the Internet. It allows you to target for specific keywords, allowing you to to promote right product to the right audiences.

Using Google Adwords for Market Research
The best thing about Google Adwords is how easy it is to measure return on investment. It's the ability to measure return on investment that allows you to use Google Adwords for market research, here's how: run a Google Adwords campaign and measure its success.

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