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Search for the Perfect AdSense Site

Search for the Perfect AdSense Site


Ask a writer what the hardest part of writing a book is and you know what he’ll say?

No, not starting...


I have the same feeling whenever I write one of my books. I’m always wondering if I haven’t forgotten something or whether I could give another example or if I could express what I want to say a little more clearly. Long after I’ve finished writing,

I’ll be tweaking and editing and adding and who knows what else until I finally decide it’s time to put it out there.

But with a book, once the work is done, it’s done... until the next edition.

With AdSense, the work is never done.

I think I’ve got my sites pretty well optimized. It took me a long time and a lot of work to get there but they’re now bringing in a pretty impressive CTR and a good income.

And yet, I still want to play with them. I just can’t help but wonder if a little tweak here or a change there would nudge up my CTR an extra half a percentage point and give me a nice little bonus.

Whenever the urge gets too strong, I’ve really got two choices.

I can either sit on my hands until the urge passes so that I don’t mess up a good thing.

Or I can try out my ideas somewhere they won’t do my income any harm if they don’t work. I use a small site for that but you could also use a single web page, provided you used Channels to keep track of the income that page usually brings in and follow the difference.

Not all of the experiments you run are going to work, but I have to say, there’s only one thing that beats coming up with an idea, implementing it and seeing it push up your income.

And that’s having a site that’s so well optimized it can’t produce any more income whatever you do. The only thing better than having one of those, is knowing it.

Anyone think they’ve got one?

About the Author

Joel Comm is The Internet Revenue Expert. Online for over 20 years, Joel teaches people how to make money in the digital age. The recognized authority on Google AdSense, Joel teaches how to multiply your AdSense income at The AdSense Code. To ask Joel Comm a question about making money online, visit Joel invites you to download a free copy of The Internet Money Tree at


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