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Make Your AdSense Sizzle

Make Your AdSense Sizzle


For those of you out there who have tried driving traffic to your website using AdSense and for those of you out there who plan on trying AdSense in the future, this article is for you. Google AdSense is a great way to get people coming by your site. Anyone can create an AdSense ad, but very few ads actually sizzle.

Why do I care if your ads sizzle? Well to be honest with you, the better ads that you write the more of those ads that get clicked on my site. So I guess it is for selfish reasons that I am offering this advice.

I like to keep things simple and give you the information in a quick, easy, and clean format so I will just lay the AdSense optimization tips out there for you in a list and you can take it from there. Enjoy and good luck.

AdSense Optimization Tips - Put your targeted keywords in the title. These will be bolded in your ad when a search is done on your particular key word.

- Capitalize the first letter of every word. Your Headline Should Look Like This!

- Capitalize the first letter of your website. For example It helps your URL stand out.

- If you need more space for your URL, then drop the “www.”. For example,

- State the benefits of your offer. Why would I want to click on your ad?

- Use words that will move people to action. For example, easy, fast, free, cheap, quick, etc.

- Do not waste space with the name of your website. Your website does not sell. It is your website’s benefits that sell.


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