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Search Engine Optimization Methods - Alternatives to Gateway Pages

Search engine optimization methods and Internet marketing strategies may include, but are not limited to;

1. Restructuring of Your HTML, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

This could mean a complete rebuild of your sites architecture. Coding is optimized by stripping away deprecated html tags. All presentation attributes are built into a css declaration, or an external .css file. JavaScript functions may also be placed into external files to minimize the amount of code behind your pages. File naming conventions may be addressed, and image, file and directory names may be changed.

2. Restructuring of Your Existing Visible Content - Web Copywriting

This could mean a complete rewrite of your existing content using web copywriting strategies. Many traditional copywriters are not familiar with writing for the web. If your website content was extracted from your traditional print media (brochures, product specification sheets or line cards), it may not be written properly for the web.

3. Refinement of Existing Visible Content - More Definitive Pages

Sometimes single pages are packed with great information about all of the products and services that you may offer. So much so, that the page now becomes somewhat diluted. It is very difficult to target specific keyword sets if the page is full of other keyword sets. You will need to break that content up into additional, more refined pages, see next item...

4. Development of Additional Content Rich Pages - No Doorway Pages

If your website was designed properly from conception, then every page of your site should be content rich. If not, then expect to make changes. These changes may consist of a complete restructure of content.

Instead of having one long page discussing in general a group of products or services, you may now end up with four individual pages discussing each product or service definitively. The basic concept is that you have now developed a group of content rich pages that are an integral part of the website adding to the overall relevancy and theme structure of the site.

For example, instead of a six (06) page website, you end up with a twenty (20) page website. When the website was six (06) pages, those pages were packed with information and more generalized, not targeted.

Now that the website has twenty (20) pages, we still have the same amount of information, but, we've taken those six (06) information packed pages that were not targeted or focused, and have refined them to be more specific for each product or service we are offering. We have also strategically linked those pages together to form a logical navigation structure for the user, and for the spidering robots.

5. PPC and/or CPC Bid Management Programs - Short and Long Term

Pay per click and/or cost per click programs are a quick and effective way to drive targeted traffic to your website. They can also be a long term strategy if your budget permits this type of expenditure, and you realize an ROI or return on your investment. Listing of Pay Per Click Search Engines.

6. Development of an Effective Link Strategy Campaign

This requires extensive research and only those website properties that are relative to your website content should be part of the campaign. Anything else and you are wasting your time. Irrelevant links may have a negative effect on your link building campaign! There may be exceptions to the rule.

The above are just a few of the SEO/SEM strategies that may be used to improve the visibility of your website. You may also find that the use of CSS and Absolute Positioning may play a role in your website achieving top positions with the spider based search engines. The goal is to strip away all the unnecessary code behind the scenes and then present the indexing spider with the core content of the website first! I refer to this as Content Positioning. The SEO Consultants Directory is built using this design strategy.

If you are researching a search engine optimization company to assist with your Internet marketing campaign, I would suggest finding one who will work with the content on your existing website and make changes from there. External promotional strategies (off site content) may or may not be suitable for most business websites. The flexibility of the company, and the consultant, will be a major factor in how your campaign is developed and what level of success you can achieve.

If your website was designed without the consultancy of a search engine marketing professional, then you will probably need to make changes. If your website was built using Flash technology (.swf - movie file), or uses heavy graphics instead of an equal to, or greater than, balance of text to graphics, then you will need to make changes. If you cannot make the changes suggested by the SEO/SEM consultant, then you may need to consider using techniques that may or may not be considered Best Practices in SEO/SEM. Its your choice. Just be prepared for the long term implications of using such strategies as they may, or may not be detrimental to your websites success.

Admin Note: I was prompted by our reviewing editors to write this article due to the sheer number of declined submissions we have because those companies and/or consultants were advertising the creation and/or implementation of gateway pages, doorways, and/or bridge pages. Some are even advertising that they will build them for FREE! That's easy to offer when all you have to do is enter a few keyword sets into the form fields and the software automatically generates the pages. Be careful when selecting your SEO/SEM consultant, make sure that you understand the techniques and strategies that they may utilize for improving your websites position in the search engines and directories.

by Edward Lewis, aka pageoneresults™ - System Administrator

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