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Where Do I Make My Money Online

Where Do I Make My Money Online

I am asked all the time: Where do you make your money with internet marketing? My business is still young and growing but I’ve discovered several sources of income that work well. Most people are familiar with Adsense and Chitika eminimalls, and both advertising services are quite profitable.

My affiliate income is the most profitable part of my business, and it’s broken into two components: Information products (eBooks, lessons, Clickbank), and hard good sales. I am an affiliate for a number of companies including Amazon, Best Buys, Ace Hardware, and several more.

My volume with the hard goods is considerably higher than with Clickbank, but since my commission rate is low (3% - 5%) my earning per sale are low. To be successful I’ve broken each one of these affiliate program into small product groups, and developed specialized sites to promote and sell just these groups.

I have one site that sells just DVD’s and CD’s from Amazon, and another that sells hardware from ACE and so on. I like this business because it seems more legitimate to me, and I come from a hard goods background.

Information products such as those offered by Clickbank are not as easy to sell, but they can be extremely profitable due to the high commission rates. In many cases I am making a 50% to 75% commission. A few sales a day can add up to a nice little income stream.

Now take all these income streams and add them together. For me 25 sites making $15 a day adds up to a nice income. But who has the time to set up so many sites? I know people that have way more sites than I do and it is possible to create and maintain a number of sites if you do it properly.

I am using Wordpress Blogs to market many products because they are easy to set up, and easier to maintain. I just post a new item everyday at each blog and I use RSS feeds and Technorati tags to let people know I’m posting new stuff. When someone comes to the blog from one of these sources I have an opportunity to redirect them to the main store.

My products are held in this store, so it’s just a matter to setting up multiple storefronts on one site and directing people to the appropriate storefront from the blog for more information.

For selling information products I do the same thing, but CBMall is my storefront. CBMall makes it easy to manage over 10,000 information products.

Work smart, be diversified and maintain. A little bit every day from a multitude of sources adds up to a nice little internet business.

About the Author

Bill McRea is the publisher of Free Marketing Information Free marking information from a successful marketer that has created a wide range of legitimate and profitable businesses on the interent.


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