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Five Ways to Get Out of Your Affiliate Quagmire

Five Ways to Get Out of Your Affiliate Quagmire

You probably know by now that affiliate programs provide one of the most popular ways to make money on the Internet. But making a living online from them is hard enough with different people telling you different things. However, there are some techniques you can follow to increase your chances of success.

The following five ways can multiply your affiliate sales and, more importantly, your name recognition which will mean more affiliate sales to come.

-- Offer a free e-course with affiliate link(s) added throughout.

This will get people to: 1) visit your site if you're leading them to a subscribe form and/or 2) allow you to follow-up with them several times. You'll have a better chance of making the sale and you'll get some traffic.

Don't come up with just anything -- it has to be a quality e-course with valuable information that people can actually use/learn from. Otherwise, your reputation goes downhill and so will your ability to sell anything.

-- Do some offline advertising for free publicity.

You could do press releases, radio or television interviews, classifieds in newspapers or magazines, posting fliers in your local market, etc. Your imagination is your only limit (besides the law, in some cases, so check ;).

Not many people think about going offline when they have an online business, and still less actually do it. You can be different and bring in a fresh audience without them being distracted by other, similar websites.

-- Write your own articles with your affiliate link in resource box.

This is especially worth your while for affiliate programs that give you residual income. It's also a quick way to get started marketing a new product in a completely different niche market than the one you're currently working on. Or if you're like me, it can be an easy way to generate some extra cash without going through the trouble of setting up another website.

-- Be different than the competition by offering something extra if they purchase through your website or link.

The best of the best affiliates think outside the box and offer something different from the average affiliate. That's why they are the best of the best and the average are just average. By giving bonuses (preferably, unique ones) to people who buy through them instead of their competitor, they not only increase their sales but also build up a loyal mailing sublist at the same time.

-- Offer a free report to spread around like wildfire.

And not just any old free report. It actually has to be a good one, preferably one that you created or had created for you. You can put affiliate links in it or just point people back to your website where you have your affiliate products or an offer to subscribe to your publication on display.

Here's an extra idea: offer a report related to your business as a low cost or virtually free lead generator on eBay. Then in the listing, you can lead them to your About Me page where they can request another free report, sign up for your publication, or just visit your website. eBay has the traffic and the customers you're looking for, just put your offer up and let them find it easily.

And there you have it. Five (actually, six) ideas you can use to increase your affiliate sales and commission starting today. Of course you don't have to do all of them, but using any one of them should help to get you out of your affiliate quagmire.


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Kori Puckett provides more self-help and success oriented articles, which can be found at Discover tips and strategies real people have used to achieve their personal and professional goals. Special guest interviews tell all at


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