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Internet & Affiliate Marketing: Celebrate The Small Victories

Internet & Affiliate Marketing: Celebrate The Small Victories


Most internet marketing ventures start as one-man operations. When mistakes are made, you know who to blame. But don't just beat yourself up, remember that when progress is made, that was all you too. Celebrate the small victories.

When you are just starting in internet marketing, keeping a positive mindset can be a crucial ingredient of long term survival. On or off the web, most new businesses do not become profitable immediately.

Sales can be mediocre as your marketing campaign gets going, and if you didn't plan ahead for this fallow period you may begrudge the out-of-pocket expenses that arise. It is easy to get discouraged.

Worse, many marketers lack basic support and encouragement. In a normal workplace there are other employees to share the load and help solve problems. Not so for most start-ups, and your personal support network may lack enthusiasm.

Your friends may think you're a sucker involved with some newfangled scam. Your family may worry that your seemingly unprofitable internet career is interfering with your day job.

You must remember that you are your own manager, and good managers care about their employees' morale and motivation. Notice and enjoy the small milestones in your business as they pass by, whether it is finally getting your web design just right or suddenly nailing the top search position on a good keyword.

Reward yourself with a day off or a good meal. Tell your friends about it even if their eyes glaze over; you listen to their dull stories about their crappy jobs, right?

Verbalizing your success is for your own benefit, and it can help you assess your accomplishments and know when you've made real progress along your business plan. Don't commit the common mistake of neglecting the hardest working, most under-appreciated person in your employ - yourself.


About the Author

Daniel Detlaf is a lifelong student and one-time Day Trader with a few things to say about internet marketing. Visit the home of his ebook "Make An Honest Living" at


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