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11 Hot Tips to Make Google Adwords Pay - Part 1

11 Hot Tips to Make Google Adwords Pay - Part 1

For Pay Per Click Advertisers, Google Adwords is the 800 pound Gorilla. According to Google, its network reaches more than 80% of Internet users. If you understand and use Google Adwords correctly, it can drive a lot of profitable business to your website. If you do it wrong, you can lose your shirt.

To understand how to use Google Adwords, you need to know a bit about the history of Google.

When Google started in 1998, Yahoo! and AltaVista dominated the search engine market. Google was the new kid on the block. Most Internet experts at the time didn't think Google had a chance. Remarkably, in less than five years, Google surpassed both of them. How did they do it?

The Google guys decided that they wanted to give their users exactly what they wanted. So if you typed in "blue widgets" they would give you the most popular "blue widget" websites at the top of the first page that they presented to you. They did this by developing mathematical formulas to determine what where the most "relevant" website pages people would want.

Google Adwords is based on this same principal. Google wants ads that are relevant to people's searches. This is the key to being successful with Google Adwords. If you can create ads that are relevant to your search terms (keywords) then Google will reward you by giving you high placement at costs lower than ads that are not relevant. In other words, if people see your ads and click on them, you will pay Google less for your ads. If people see your ads and don't click on them, Google will charge you more for the ads. If you get a really lousy click rate, Google will unilaterally make your ads inactive.

How do you get people to click on your ads and get a lower cost with a higher placement? The key is relevance to what the searcher is thinking. This means you must try to get into the head of your potential customers and create an ad or ads that mimic the thoughts of people looking for something - like "blue widgets".

To give you the edge and be better than 99.9% of the Google advertisers follow these tips -

Hot Tip #1 - Get into the head of your target customers

Think about how your target audience might think not about how you would like them to think. The next time you start searching for something on Google or MSN, stop for a minute and ask yourself, "Why did I use these words to do my search?"

Also, take a look at your host log files and look at the search terms that people used to get to your site. This may give you insight as to how other people search.

Hot Tip # 2 - Bid for position #2 to #3

Most people will look at the first three positions and click on the ad that looks most interesting to them. While position # 1 is typically the best, it is often too expensive to bid on. You will find that there is frequently a large bid price gap between positions #1 and #2, and between positions #2 and #3.

By bidding for #2 or #3 position, your ad will likely get clicked on. Additionally, because you get a higher click through rate, your cost from Google Adwords will go down because Google rewards you with lower costs. The reason they do this is Google wants higher click through rates. They make more money.

Hot Tip # 3 - Bid on exact match keywords

Google Adwords offers several options for how you can you can set your keywords matches from broad matching to exact matching.

When you set it for broad matching, any search phrase with any of your keywords will get a hit. The problem is, while you may get a higher "click through rate" (CTR) you may end up with many clicks by people who are not interested in your product. While this may help you with your CTR, it will likely cost you a great deal of money with a negative return on your investment.

With exact matching, your ad will only show up when your exact keywords match is searched on. There is a higher probability that you will receive clicks by people interested in what you have to offer. Since CTR is determined by the number of times Google shows your ad divided by the number of times searchers click on your ad, your CTR should be quite high Google will reward you with lower Adwords costs and a higher ROI.

To do an exact match, bracket your keywords like this [blue widgets].


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