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Google AdSense: Earning from Online Advertising
Advertising as a revenue source dried up for small web publishers. But thanks to a new program from Google called AdSense, online advertising for the small publishers is alive and well again.

Search Engine Optimization Tools
Well, I bet many of you have been trying to find tools to help you in optimizing your website for search engines. So I thought I would throw together an article with a list of really useful tools (and of course ill give you a link to their websites so you can download them to!

The Search Engine of the Future: Mobility Has a Pricetag
In many parts of the world, a fixed line telephone is still a luxury. That is not the case with mobile phones, which are getting cheaper by the day. Add to this, access to the world wide web from a PC requires a great deal of hardware, most of which is costly.

Emerging Sources for low cost Web Site Traffic
There is a new breed of traffic development firms emerging in the interactive marketing world that are brokering qualified traffic to the highest bidder on a CPC ("cost per click") basis.

Developing a Winning Ecommerce Strategy
One bright spot on the economic horizons around the world seems to be continued consumer spending and ecommerce is clearly a part of this, with sales estimated to be in excess of $9.9 Billion in the next three months according to ACNielsen.

Website Development Tips: What your Website Must Do To Make You Money!
Your website should never be used as a mere posting board about your business. Many businesses make the mistake of developing websites that are nothing more than electronic versions of their paper brochures. In effect, they are boring their potential customers to death.

How to Get Double listings in Google?
Have you ever searched for something on Google and noticed that a website has a double listing a main listing and a second listing indented and wondered "Why?" And then wondered, "How?"

Simple Way to Get High Google Pagerank (PR)
Everyone knows that if your website has a high Google Pagerank, you have all chances to reach good search engine positions, to get serious partners, or simply get more money selling text links.

Popups are stupid and obnoxious
In my humble opinion, popup advertisements are the equivalent of shoving an ad under a persons nose and screaming "look at this stupid". They are worse than annoying and should never, ever be used.

Advertising is a necessary evil
Okay, we know we all need to pay the bills. I know that many of us want to get traffic to our web sites. And some of us just want to make enough money to pay for our costs so that this thing we love to do is free.

Getting Honest With The Search Engines
More often than not, people are asking about methods used to improve search engine rankings: what works, what doesn't, and what will get you in trouble.

Submitting to the Open Directory - DMOZ
With the growing search traffic generated by Google and their continued relationship with the Netscape funded Open Directory, a listing in the Open Directory is arguably one of the most valuable backlinks that your website can achieve. Because the Open Directory is a human-edited database of categorized websites there is some confusion of the rules for successful submissions.

The Ten Search Engine Commandments
Thou shall not overlook the POWER of the search engines! After all- where do over 80% of Internet users look before finding the web site of their choice? Here are 10 tips that will help you on your journey toward search engine heaven!

Google Adwords Wealth Pyramid
The absolutely fortunate thing about the Internet is that you can guarantee yourself a certain level of traffic, and certain profitability. This is usually impossible with many other businesses but not the Internet. Here, we shall look at one sure-fire way of not only guaranteeing your profits, but pyramiding them, starting right now.

Profitability with Pay Per Click or PPC Search Engines
Profitability with Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising comes down to how well you have chosen your keywords. Choose too generic a term and you will lose your shirt - and fast. Choose too specific a term and you'll miss out on traffic your competitors will get.

Advantages to Working with the Pay Engines
You'll find many benefits to purchasing keywords through pay-per-click engines, but you need to learn some basic guidelines before you get started. By doing so, you'll hopefully find more successful when working with the pay engines

Pay-Per-Clicks - One way to boost traffic to your Web site
One of the ways to boost traffic to your Web site is by purchasing keywords from one of the pay-per-click search engines or directories.

Google's Pay Per Click - Ad words Select
Google, which is used more than 150 million times per day to conduct searches has announced its entrance into the pay per click arena with the recent introduction of its new "Ad Words Select" program.

Search Engines and Competitive Research
Search engines can tell you a lot about your competition, if you know what to look for. A panel of experts offers tips on profiling your competition.

Search Engine Optimization in an eCommerce World
Before one can fully understand the importance and necessity of implementing a search engine optimization program into their marketing mix, it is important to look first at the phenomenal statistics regarding Internet use.

Does Google penalize for duplicate content? Or is it just another urban legend?
It is "common knowledge" that Google penalizes page rank when it determines that content is duplicated somewhere else. In fact, I've read many experts stating that there should be no duplicate domain names and no duplicate content anywhere.

Search engine wars : Yahoo and Google
Shifting business model are changing the landscape and search results driven by advertising.

Converting Web Visitors Into Buyers
How many visitors come to your website matters less than who comes - and how you greet and persuade them.

A brief history of the Google
Google is now the most dominant search tool on the web, setting the standards that others try to follow and better, as yet unsuccessfully.

What does Search Engine Marketing, Optimization and Placement mean
Here is a very brief description of Search Engine Marketing, Optimization and Placement terms.

What is a Search Engine?
A search engine is a searchable online database of internet resources. It has several components: search engine software, spider software, an index (database), and a relevancy algorithm (rules for ranking).

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) - Exhaustive Glossary of Terms
These are some of the common terms that are in context to search engine marketing and optimization (SEM/SEO)

How do you, positively, handle 'problem' customers?
How many times have we successfully marketed and promoted the product and to our dismay have seen complaints due to our own Customer "care" people.

The Google Toolbar & SEO
Like many other useful toolbars out there so is the Google Toolbar. I consider this toolbar a must have for any serious search engine optimizer and anyone who searches the internet on a regular basis

The One Simple Trick That Can Double Your Adsense Revenue
I've invested quite a bit of time experimenting with the program. When I first signed up, I got some clicks and made a tiny bit of money. That wasn't good enough. I knew there must be a way to get more of my visitors to click on the ads.

Google PageRank, How is it calculated and How to Get It
Google's PageRank (PR) is one of the most sought after, and yet misunderstood, web page attributes. PageRank, named after one of the founders of the Google search engine, Larry Page, was the innovative foundation that the Google search engine was built on.

High Google Rankings: Frequency vs. Positioning
There's an assumption that the higher a ranking or positioning you have with major search engines; the more people will beat a path to your web doorstep.

How to Increase Web Site Visitors For Relevant Terms Using Your Less Relevant Listings
Completely by accident and through no effort of my own, besides the effort to get my site spidered by Yahoo's Slurp Search Engine Spider and Google's Googlebot Search Engine spider, I've seen an accidental increase in the visitors to my web site

8 Steps to Creating a Simple Business Plan
Your business plan is like a road map to long-term success. Have you ever been in a situation where you didn't have a map to find your destination and got lost wasting precious time and money?

Do Static IP Sites Rank Higher?
Some SEOs claim that sites with a static IP address rank higher while other SEOs claim that shared hosting is just fine...

Do Commas In Your Keywords Metatag Affect Ranking?
One of our members recently reported that Yahoo was recommending separating the keywords in your meta-tag using commas.

Search Engine Optimization Methods - Alternatives to Gateway Pages
Search engine optimization methods and Internet marketing strategies to improve your websites position in the search engines and directories.

Gateway Pages - Doorway Pages - Bridge Pages
Years ago a search engine optimization technique was developed to influence or manipulate the positioning of websites in the search engines. This technique is referred to as the creation of doorway pages, gateways or bridge pages.

Optimize Your Website for Google and Inktomi
The search engine environment continues to evolve rapidly, easily outpacing the ability of consumers and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practitioners to quickly adapt to the new landscape.

7 Search Engine Tips for Non Webmasters
With all of the changes to the search engines these days, you can drive yourself crazy trying to get your site submitted. Unless you are willing to commit yourself to doing it full time, or you are a search engine expert, you won't rank at the top of the engines.

The Art of SEO
Stuff that used to work like a charm for many people has now become a tip-off that the site has been SEO'd, and it often hurts more than helps rankings in Google.

Common-sense Search Engine Optimization
For years, when people thought about search engine optimization, in all likelihood, gateway pages, doorway pages or informational pages probably came to mind.

Search Engine Marketing 101: What Search Engines See When They Visit Your Web Site
Do you realize that knowing this little tidbit of information and doing something about it can make a huge difference in your search engine rankings and, ultimately, the success of your online business?

Boost Your Search Engine Rankings with Email Newsletters
SEO: search engine optimization. It can make the difference between a website that's rarely visited, and one that bustles with traffic. Email newsletters are an excellent and easy way to boost SEO

Pay-Per-Clicks - One Way to Boost Traffic to Your Web Site
One of the ways to boost traffic to your Web site is by purchasing keywords from one of the pay-per-click search engines or directories.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines
A Pay-Per-Click search engine (also called Pay-Per-Ranking engines) allows you to place your site at the top of their results almost immediately. This comes at a price, though.

The Missing Link
While many aspects of search engine placement are a mystery to most site owners and even webmasters - that a site needs incoming links seems to be one of the only commonly accepted truths of the industry.

The Difference between Paid and Organic Listings (Yahoo/Overture, Google Adwords)
As a business sector, the world of search is changing. Last week I wrote a piece about how Google has less decision making power than users might think as the company finds itself in a business environment that is being molded by factors outside their corporate control.

Anatomy of a Search Engine Placement Campaign
With the tremendous changes seen in the search engine marketplace over the past year, the conduct and techniques of winning search engine marketing campaigns have changed. Tactics and assumptions that worked last year may not produce the same results today

The Top 10 Worst SEO Tactics
The following is a listing of what I consider to be the Top10 worst search engine optimization tactics

10 Ways to Exceed Your Client's Expectations Every Time!
The following tips are just a few of the things I do to set my service apart from the crowd. In general, the weakest areas in the Internet marketing and Web development business are "customer communications" and "customer service."

Search Engine Optimization Principles
Search Engine Optimization Principles. Resources for marketers looking to increase their search visibility.

Getting Free Traffic From Google & Yahoo
Google and Yahoo! are the most used search engines on the Internet with about 35% of all Internet searches run on one or the other. That's about 70% of all Internet traffic from just two search engine


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