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Relation between good hosting & internet marketing

World is growing with internet. The use of internet has been increased up to more than 1000 times and because of this increment in internet visitors, everybody is coming on online business through search engine optimization and other internet marketing activities or tool that can help increasing his/her organization business and all this is possible with a brand new website.

A website making is not a big task but when it comes to a website that really does business through search engines or any other marketing activities, this all depends on number of factors that really helps your online business. I would like to say with the confidence if you are not hosted on a good server you must not think about the marketing of any online business.

Let’s talk about couple of important point I choose to discuss ­

Web Designing & Web hosting ­ Lets say you have chosen one of the best web designing company in your area to design & develop your website with the best of your knowledge and they have completed the website designing in couple of days now your website is ready to host on a server.

May be you have already chosen another hosting company or it might be possible that the same company is hosting your website on their own servers. How to decide or how to choose a hosting company when you are ready to market your website over the internet.

While choosing a hosting company for your internet marketing , you must be thinking about the prices and features and all other things you can think as a non IT professional. Or simple you will select the designing company server for your hosting because they can offer you discounted prices for the hosting package. And this is very true once you are working with a company and they recommend something that you need along with a discount (You think), you will simply go for this.


  1. Do you think that hosting package they are providing is really good for your online marketing…?
  2. Do you think the charges they are asking for hosting are genuine?
  3. Do you think the features they have with in the hosting pack are worth of the cost you paying..?
  4. Do you think this server will be able to run your website for 24 hours everyday..?
  5. Do you think this hosting server would be handling all of your internet visitor queries properly?
  6. A number of other point are there in my mind I would like to discuss but I feel let me talk about the written point in details here only.

Available Internet Marketing are Search engine Optimization (SEO)- PPC, Website advertising, Online Paid marketing, adwords, adsense, and link exchange, CPM and other marketing activities.

I hope this SEO word is not a stranger with all the internet savvy now a days even most of the internet user says yes I can promote your website through search engine optimization over the Google, Yahoo, MSN and all. And I feel this is true because the use of internet has been greater than before and almost everybody knows about the google, yahoo and msn and all other engines.

How they rank website and how they decide a website to rank. Anyways we were talking about the hosting. Lets say your site is well optimized and ranking well on all engines BUT when a user tries to open your website, It says page can not be found. The same page most of the site displays everyday, can not find server, or may be another message that server is down for maintenance kindly check back later.

Now the point is if you are ranking well, your site is having quality content and everything is very good about your website then why choose a third class hosting package on a bad server. You worked hard in finding the visitor from the internet to come to your website and finally when arrive, all in vain. Simple he/she will try the website or try another webpage. So just because of a bad server all of your efforts go useless.

Not only SEO I am talking about but any of the marketing applied to your website. When a request has been sent to your server, your server must respond with in 3-5 seconds so that that can make sure your visitor to stay because your webpage processing bar is working but if a webpage does not open with in 10-20 seconds generally user close the windows and looks for the another step.

Here I have couple of good point you can read while selecting a hosting for your site.

  1. Try to check the other running website those are hosted on the same server.
  2. If possible send a personal request to the current running website owner to ask about the hosting and experience with the same.
  3. If possible ask your technical expert to involve in the selection of the hosting.
  4. Also check what all features & permission you have been given
  5. Check out the prices you have been charged and what is the market cost.
  6. Don’t go for the discounted rates as this might be the another wrong decision while selecting a package.
  7. Go for the brand name hosting company or check out the complete plan and then choose a package.
  8. Try to check how many domains are hosted on the same server. This will ensure you the server performance.
  9. Go for the best hosting; don’t go for the discounted prices.

I hope all these point will help you in a good hosting company selection while marketing a website. You go any marketing for your website but if you have got the best server that can respond to your online clients or visitors immediately.

Market a good website with good content hosted on a good server with qualified internet marketing strategist would be the best solutions for your internet business.


About the Author

Sachin Agarwal - Ultimate Web Solutions is a web designing & web hosting company in India helps you in internet marketing activities.

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