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Ensim Empowers Hosters to Move Beyond Web Site Hosting

Ensim Corporation, the global leader in hosting automation software launched Ensim Ignite, the industry's first solution that empowers hosting service providers (HSPs) to move beyond solely Web site hosting and to offer their customers the sales and marketing tools necessary for a successful online presence. Ensim Ignite gives HSPs the ability to competitively offer value-added services that attract more customers and generate more profits with little additional work. This new solution is available to all hosting companies, even those who do not use Ensim software.

Ensim Ignite lets HSPs offer a broad selection of services that help their customers enhance their Web sites and operate a more successful online business. Specifically, Ensim Ignite includes email marketing, search engine submission, merchant services and SSL certificates.

"Never before has a hosting software vendor researched and packaged such a robust set of tools that can better our business and help us be more successful," said George Roberts, president and CEO of "Ensim Ignite is reinventing the way we attract new customers, giving us an effective way to compete in today's hosting environment. And, Ensim pays us for every customer who purchases a service. It's a no-brainer."

With Ensim Ignite, HSPs generate increased revenues and profit. They receive a percentage of revenue generated by services that their customers buy. And, because customers purchase services directly from the individual vendors, HSP are not burdened by costly customer support or billing expenses.

Ensim Ignite also lets HSPs attract more customers while strengthening existing customer loyalty. With Ensim Ignite, they can move beyond simply hosting a customer's web site to offering a complete solution for effectively marketing the customer's business and products online. Smaller HSPs can now successfully compete against large service providers who offer comparable solutions. And, Ensim Ignite is available to all HSPs, regardless of the brand of hosting automation software they support.

"Ensim Ignite empowers smaller HSPs to offer the same complete solution as larger service providers but without all the upfront resource investments," said Steve Dauber, vice president of marketing at Ensim Corporation. "This results in HSPs gaining new customers and generating higher profits."

Ensim Ignite takes little work to implement on the part of the HSP. The solution provides HSPs with comprehensive marketing materials to successfully promote the new services, including pre-designed Web banners, templates and e-mail campaigns. All of the materials are readily available from the Ensim Ignite marketing portal. Ensim Ignite also provides hosters with a free e-mail marketing service that they can use to communicate the benefits of Ensim Ignite to their customers.

  Ensim Ignite currently includes the following solutions:

  -- Search Engine Optimization offers the latest promotional tools that
     help to increase a business's ranking on search engines and
     directories.  This raises the visibility for an organization while
     driving prospects to their Web sites each day.  This service is being
     provided by Submitnet, Inc.
  -- Email marketing services enable users to build and manage permission
     based lists and create and send professional emails, utilizing
     50 customizable templates.  In addition, users can track their results
     with no technical expertise necessary. The e-mail service is compliant
     with new anti-spam regulations.  This service is being provided by
     Roving, Inc.
  -- Merchant services enable businesses to start selling their products and
     accepting credit card payments over the Internet quickly and easily.
     This service is being provided by PaySystems Corporation.
  -- SSL Certificates enable businesses to securely collect sensitive
     information online, giving consumers confidence that their transactions
     are safe.  This service is being provided by VeriSign, Inc.


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