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Bandwidth Or Data Transfer - Which is Which?
Too often web hosts talk about bandwidth and data transfer in the same breath but truth be known they are different although very closely related. Bandwidth is how much data can be transferred at a time and data transfer is how much data is being transferred.

Unlimited Wealth Creation Through Reseller Hosting
Reseller hosting business can be quite a profit making venture once you understand the figures and profit margins involved. Let us go through them. One can buy around 1000 MB space from a major web host at a cost of $25 per month.

Choosing The Wrong Server Will Literally Make Or Break You
Choosing the right web server will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make with your online business. Why? Because the web server you choose will literally make or break your online business.

How to estimate your website hosting needs
So let's start with the space. Web space (disk space) is the amount of data you can store on the hard disk of the web server. Each web hosting accound comes with a certain amount of space, usually over 50 MB and less than 1000 MB.

Affordable is many times more than the price tag
What is affordable anyway? At first, you could think it solely depends on the price. In most cases you end up realizing it's rather far away from that. Taking the cheapest hosting service on internet is not far away from buying the cheapest house or a car available.

What is ASP (Active Server Pages) Web hosting
ASP web hosting refers to web hosting companies who provide support for ASP (Active Server Page). If you want a dynamic data-driven web site you may wish to embed ASP code into your web site's HTML Pages.

How does Traffic Affect My Hosting?
The topic of hosting involves many different aspects; reliability, customer support, pricing, add-on features, programming, and allowable installation of PHP and other popular marketing scripts.

Server Load - Just a Number?
You can usually find the server load value in the control panel associated with your web hosting account under "Server Status". There you'll find listed a server load value. If you refresh the page, you'll notice that the value changes almost everytime.

How Much is 100 Percent?
The Web hosting market has changed dramatically over the years, with consolidation and price cutting making the services more affordable, but also reducing the number of choices available to businesses. More hosting companies are also trying to bundle services in order to derive more revenue from the surviving business customers they have left.

Web Hosting - Cheaper and Easier for Small Businesses
Most small businesses these days try to use the Internet to compete more effectively. The trick, however, is to accomplish that goal without spending too much of your precious money and time.

Do you need Dedicated IP when hosting your website ?
In this article, I will try to explain and elaborate as much as possible so you can have better understanding and decide whether you really need them.

How Domain Name Server (DNS) Works?
It is very difficult to keep in mind the IP addresses of all the websites we visit daily, because it's not easy to remember strings of numbers. However, we do remember words. This is where domain names come into the picture.

How Multiple Server Hosting Impacts Your Website's Uptime
Selecting a host from the thousands of providers and resellers can be a very daunting task, which may result in a hit and miss approach. But although hosting may have become a commodity, one distinguishing feature that you must always look out for is reliability.

Do You Need a Web Site Monitoring Service?
Web site monitoring refers to monitoring the operational status and performance of a web site that uses HTTP and/or HTTPS. Likewise, email monitoring refers to the monitoring, operational status and performance of SMTP servers to insure that mail is flowing correctly and timely.

Operating System - Open Source Vs Windows
I know this subject is controversial, but here's what I have found in 25 years of experience. I use Windows, Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, FreeBSD and other operating systems all day long, and I am experienced with IIS and Apache.

Open Source Vs Windows
I know this subject is controversial, but here's what I have found in 25 years of experience. I use Windows, Linux, Unix, OpenVMS, FreeBSD and other operating systems all day long, and I am experienced with IIS and Apache.

Which Web Server - Linux or NT?
If you've been lurking in the various forums and newsgroups devoted to webmastering, you could hardly fail to notice the heated debate going on at this time. No, it's not which is the best browser. This debate is about web servers. More precisely, which one is better: Apache or Internet Information Server (IIS).

Web Developers can be successful Web Hosting resellers
By becoming a reseller, not only can web developers create websites for their clients, but they can provide their clients web hosting, as another studio service.

Why Microsoft Front Page is a great program?
a FrontPage website can be very beneficial to someone who has limited experience building websites, and doesnít want to learn HTML and the other disciplines you need to know.

How to setup a mail accounts in Microsoft Outlook?
If you have a web account with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or IPP (Internet Presence Provider) you will most likely have a web based mail account set up.

What is FTP and how to use FTP client Software to upload files to web server?
FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol and is a standard application protocol that uses the Internetís TCP/IP protocol to transfer files from one computer to another.

What is webmail - Web Based Email
Web based Email accounts are usually free email accounts that are operated from a website unlike Outlook Express, Netscape Communicator or Eudora, installed on your hard drive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of POP3
This article provides some simple facts about advantages and disadvantages of POP3

Advantages and disadvantages of POP3
POP3 email accounts require a piece of software called an email reader in order to send and receive email. Common applications that serve as email readers are: Netscape Messenger, Outlook Express, Outlook, AOL email, Pegasys, Eudora, Juno and a few others.

What is IMAP and what are its specific advantages over POP3?
IMAP was designed to overcome some problems with POP behavior and provide more features for delivery and management of e-mail. With IMAP, mail is kept on the mail server and is managed there by a series of commands sent to the server by your client.

What is POP3?
POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol (version 3), comprised of mailboxes for email systems so that a user can retrieve email from a central location where the email is stored. POP3 accounts allow users to have mailboxes on a server with their domain name.

What is SMTP? - Outgoing Email Server
When someone speaks of a SMTP server they are referring to an outgoing mail server. Most hosting companies do not offer access to SMTP servers as they can be difficult to maintain and defend and the want to cut corners with their customers.

What is Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and how does it safeguard your confidential online transactions?
This article provides information about Secured Sockets Layer which is a protocol that transmits your communications over the Internet in an encrypted form. SSL ensures that the information is sent, unchanged, only to the server you intended to send it to.

How to See What Pages of Your Site Google Has In Its Index
There is a lag time between the indexing or updating of your site, and the time it takes to show new results in the database. Depending on your site, where it was linked from, who it was linked from, and who knows what other factors, the amount of time varies.

How to Effectively Stop Spam Mail
One of the most annoying aspects of dealing with incoming email is spam mail (unsolicited email). It fills up your email box, takes up your precious time..

How to Organize Your Email Without Losing It
Do you often get bogged down with too much email to handle, chewing up your valuable time online?

Outsource Your Customer Support
Quality support need be a top priority for any serious Web hosting provider. Customers, especially individuals and small businesses expect timely and informative customer support.

Testing web hosting companies
In the final stages of your search for a good web hosting company, a very important step is to test "the finalists". Because most web hosting companies have client support contact listed..

The Basic Features of a Hosting Plan
Disk space, email accounts and FTP access explained

Are your Web Hosting costs too high?
Choosing the right host is an important aspect in lowering your web hosting costs. The web hosting industry, boasting several thousand web hosts, is still young and growing at a remarkable pace

How to avoid e-business nightmares
In today's business world, an Internet presence is almost as important as having a phone line. But who do you trust to host your Website..

Ensim Empowers Hosters to Move Beyond Web Site Hosting
Ensim Corporation launched Ensim Ignite, the industry's first solution that empowers hosting service providers

SPAM - Web hosting firm vows to kick out spam companies
In the first move of its kind, managed hosting supplier TDM has said it will terminate the accounts of customers that send out spam or allow it to be routed across their servers.

New small business web hosting services available now from Yahoo! and SBC
Starting Feb 2004, new small business web hosting services available now from Yahoo! and SBC

Dedicated Server: Smart Web Hosting Choice
Hosting your personal or business web sites on your own dedicated server may seems expensive choice in comparison to shared web hosting, but at the end, it proves a smart choice.

Virtual or Dedicated Web Hosting?
At nearly all webhosting companies websites now a days, you will see the two terms "Virtual Hosting" and "Dedicated Hosting". What is the difference between these? Well its fairly simple.

Glossary of Web Hosting Terms
A comprehensive list of glossary of web hosting terms.

What is Bandwidth / Download?
Bandwidth is a measure of the amount of data passing through a network at a given time. Things like huge images on web pages and needless questions posted to Usenet newsgroups waste bandwidth which could be better utilized for transferring information.

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