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Why Every Webmaster Should Own a Blog

Why Every Webmaster Should Own a Blog


What is a Blog

Weblogs are dated journals which are used by about 0.03% of the internet, yet they play a huge role in search results. To remove spam from search results, search engines have been relying heavily on links to organize search results.

Weblogs generally consist of small posts with a few links in them. Some Weblogs allow users to post comments which link to their websites. Software systems such as Movable Type place these comments and trackbacks (references) in the same page as the post.

Express Yourself

The internet was founded with the concept of the free flow of information. Good information has a tenancy to spread quicker than bad information. Many people are continually trying to fight this to no avail. By reading other blogs you can expand your horizons and educate yourself further on that what interests you. You then can tell the world what your opinion is on the topic.

Websites like Blogger offer this service free.

Rapid Feedback (Free Paid Inclusion)

In addition to having a large link network setup, these bloggers are typically extremely opinionated people. The personal writing, close community feel about them, opinions of every nature, and the ability to leave instant feedback have caused these sites to leave a big footprint on the web.

Search engines want fresh new content. I once posted about how Britney Spears got her start on Hollywood. My weblog showed this quicker than most newspapers, so I actually received some traffic for that. If you are strongly intertwined within the blogging community and you update your weblog every day, search engines will visit frequently.

You can post a link to a new article or to any page you need quick indexing or re indexing. This will make testing and changing a rapid process. Essentially having a blog is like a free paid inclusion program for every site you will ever work on.

In addition to the rapid feedback in search engines, you can also quickly change the format of your entire site in a matter of minutes with blogging software. Many companies spend in excess of $10,000 buying content management systems that have little or no advantage over great blogging software.

Dinosaurs Say the Blogs are Destroying Google

You have to be pretty closed minded to think unbiased free expression is a fad that will soon pass. You may find dinosaurs complain about blogs and how they are destroying the Google ranking system. There are two ways to look at this.

1.) they are destroying the internet and I want to ignore them - resist change at any cost
2.) they add value to the internet and I want to participate - go with the flow

Those people who are the quickest to adapt to new technology and change usually are far more successful. The time between their feedback loops is shorter. They live many more idea lifecycles. Faster lifecycles = quicker change & greater adaptability = more success.

Quickly Become an Authority

Many websites are not even indexed, others suffer from low link popularity. By creating a personal weblog you can show the world your point of view and build a well indexed site with strong link popularity.

As long as that is your main goal, and you have no hidden agendas you may even gather a loyal following. Many businesses find a side projet becomes more lucritive than its main business plan. Most people who are making their living off blogging probably honestly just fell into it!

Most SEO websites only have a PageRank between 4 - 6. By having a weblog, submitting it to a few of the weblog directories, and posting comments linking to your weblog from other weblogs you like you can easily get a PageRank of 6 within a couple months.

Going Overboard or Staying Afloat

I am not proposing that people use weblogs to spam, but I am proposing that people share their views of the world and accept the fruits this idea bears. In addition to good popularity (which can be passed on to your other sites), having a blog can help take the corporate edge off of your business and allow you to connect with others.

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