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What is Page Transitions or Special Effects

What is Page Transitions or Special Effects


As most of you know, Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Navigator 4 introduced Dynamic HTML capabilities to the two major Browsers. Dynamic HTML along with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) makes Animation and Interactive input capabilities possible on your Web Site.

These advanced capabilities were defined by the WC3 (World Wide Web) to ensure that they are compatible across all Browsers.

In addition to the Dynamic HTML capabilities supported by all conforming Browsers, there are several additional Special Effects that are only supported by Internet Explorer. Implementing these Special Effects can be quick and easy provided you are aware that they may not work for all visitors to your site.

The following Effects are available for Internet Explorer only.

Fixed Background:

This effect will fix the background in place as you scroll the foreground. Enter GProperties="Fixed" into the Body tag. Dynamic Scrolling: Internet Explorer only. This effect will automatically scroll the screen to keep an Object in view. Call the script function 'object.ScrollintoView()' using the id of the object.

Transition Effects:

These effects will use a transition as you enter and exit a page. Add the Meta Tags:

Duration = transition time in seconds.

Tansition = a transition effect from 0 through 23. Possible effects are:

0 box in
1 box out
2 circle in
3 circle out
4 wipe up
5 wipe down
6 wipe left
7 wipe right
8 vertical blinds
9 horizontal blinds
10 checkerboard across
11 checkerboard down
12 random dissolve
13 split vertical in
14 split vertical out
15 split horizontal in
16 split horizontal out
17 stripes left down
18 stripes left up
19 stripes right down
20 stripes right up
21 random bars horizontal
22 random bars vertical
23 random

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