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Website Development Advice And Website Promotion Tips

Website Development Advice And Website Promotion Tips


If you are somebody who has an idea for a website, however are unsure about what to do next, then this article could be for you. I am going to explain about website development ang give some tips about website design.

Content is all important when building a website and if you have a good idea however you feel you need additional content you can use other people articles for free as long as you make all the links on the article live.

There are three article websites I regularly use for this purpose:,,

These websites contain articles on most subjects and the articles themselves will include lots of keywords to enable search engines to pick up your site.

There is a very competitive market in website design services at the moment so you should be able to obtain a good deal.

Once you have your website you need to promote it and to gain a high page rank. To do this you need to build up the number of backward links you have.

A good way of doing this is by writing articles. There are number of reasons for this, firstly other people may want to use your article on their website. At the bottom of the article you are able to include a link to your own website, therefore when somebody includes it on their website this gives you a backward link.

You also obtain a backward link when you submit all of the articles to the websites mentioned above. Whats more all of these are one way links which have a much higher value than two way links.

As we are all aware the number of backward links a website has is becoming increasingly important and the more links you have, the more visitors to your website you are likely to get and the higher page rank the website should attain.

Many people also read this articles on the article websites which could in turn result in more visitors to your site.


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