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When building web sites, ASP and PHP are very popular languages. Here’s my opinion on whether ASP or PHP is best.

How To Choose Which Web Development Package Is Right For You
There are plenty of options when it comes to web site creation software and a wannabe web designer might have a hard time deciding which to choose.

At a Glance: ASP.NET vs. PHP
Web applications, specifically those relying on back end databases, are typically being created using either Microsoft's ASP.Net language, or the Open Source alternative language of PHP.

Difference Between Web Designer and Web Programmer
web-designers deal with the front-end of a website, while web-developers deal with the back-end of a website – however, these days there can be quite a bit of crossover between the two.

Essential Web Development Tools
Developing a successful web site takes a great deal of planning and preparation. An important part of your preparation is obtaining the essential tools of the trade.

What is Common Gateway Interface (CGI)?
CGI means Common Gateway Interface. This is a method which is used to exchange data between the server (the hardware and software that actually allows you to get to your web site) and a web client (your browser). CGI is actually a set of standards where a program or script (a series of commands) can send data back to the web server where it can be processed.

What is Server Side Include (SSI) Pages?
A SSI, server side include page is dependent upon software on your server to call each of your include pages into the page when requested by a web browser. CHI, PHP and ASP are few of the videly used SSI technologies.

Use JavaScript to Dynamically Update Your Website
JavaScript is a powerful scripting language used to create special effects on your website, but did you know it can also be used as a very powerful web design tool?

PHP and MySQL Are A Perfect Match
There are many types of programs that can be used to automate a web site including JavaScript, PHP, Perl, ASP, Java and more. So, which do you use? For many, it is a personal choice.

Displaying An RSS Feed On Your Website Using PHP And MagpieRSS
Search engines like to see dynamic web pages, where the content is updated on a regular basis. Static pages that have information that doesn't change are not only boring, but less likely to be visited by a search engine spider than a page that changes every time it is displayed.

Web Programming and Design: Images and Thumbnails
You need to analyze how your site generates the thumbnails. In many scripts, the thumbnails are just the original pictures, but displayed in smaller width and height. If this is the case, then each picture takes too long to load.

Server Side Programming Languages
Server-side programming languages are scripts that are executed on the server, and are then translated into HyperText Markup Language (HTML) which can be viewed by all web browsers.

Website Design and Development
Many web developers have a forte - either design or programming. Finding a well-rounded website design firm or individual is difficult, but the business' portfolio is the best indication.

Website Development Advice And Website Promotion Tips
If you are somebody who has an idea for a website, however are unsure about what to do next, then this article could be for you. I am going to explain about website development ang give some tips about website design.







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