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Create a Google Sitemap
One of the hot new website promotion tips du jour is the Google Sitemap. This is a small XML file that sits on a website and provides information for Googlebot when it comes to visit.

Taking Your Business Online: Tips for Launching a Small Business Web Site
In this day and age, your business card is a Web site. When people hear of your company or wish to seek further information on it, they want to do so on their own time, online.

Add a Single Element to Your Web Site and Multiply Your Profits
By using testimonials -- reviews and comments from your satisfied customers, in text, audio, or video format -- on your web site, you not only answer the question, you also transform your sales pitch into a credible, unbiased recommendation for your product.

I Don't Need A Website
The small business owner who proudly claims he doesn't need a website, because he doesn't sell anything online and his "word of mouth" customer pipeline works just fine, is misinformed at best or ignorant, at worst.

Website Valuation: Why Standard Pricing for Websites Will Develop
The market of buying and selling developed websites is becoming more and more liquid each day. By this I mean there are number of market participants and the variety of developed websites being bought and sold is finally coming around.

Do Small/Medium Size Businesses Need a Website?
The answer to that question is probably "Yes" but then you will say, I would say that because it is my business- so don't take my word for it you figure out if your business need a website.

How to Analyze a Competitor's Website
Competitors' websites, if analyzed properly, can give you all sorts of information that you can use to increase the traffic and the popularity of your site. Here is an article on how to analyze a competitor's website.

Abandonment - Why Visitors Don't Turn Into Customers
Every good Internet business understands the value of conversions versus hits received. Far too often, businesses become fixated on the hits they are receiving instead of monitoring their hit to sale conversion rate.

How To Create A Website For Free
For starters, she will tell you that once upon a long time ago, she had a checking account, a debit card, and all that, when she opened her online purchasing account. But she closed her checking account, and online purchasing account let her remain a member anyway.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Every Real Estate Professional Must Have a Website NOW!
On the internet, things aren't much different. In order to make the internet a successful (read profitable) part of your real estate business, you need to claim your spot and begin building your website into the powerful marketing tool that it can be.

Adding an Amazon Store to your Web Site Made Painless
Providing this service will give you additional web content as well as providing a valuable resource for visitors, giving them additional reasons for returning.

10 Reasons Why Websites Fail - How You Can Avoid the Normal Pitfalls
You are not alone. Out of the almost 56 million websites on the web, fewer than 500,000 of them have any real traffic to speak of. Let me say that another way.

A Turnkey or Customized Website: Which One is Right for You?
should I use a turnkey software that’s already been developed or a totally customized Website option for my business?

Why Website Templates Make Being a Webmaster More Efficient
The acceptance of website templates as an alternative to website designing can be attributed to the ability of templates in improving the work efficiency of the webmaster. Of course, they also reduce the costs involved in setting up a website.

Wealth of Knowledge in Creating a Great Website
I have tried most things such as marketing affiliate programs, mlm, list management and have had some success selling on e-bay. One thing that has always eluded me was to be able to create a Great website using the right tools and knowledge.

5 Tips To Keep Visitors Glued To Your Website
One of your primary goals is to increase your average website visitor length so browsers hang around long enough to be convinced to do whatever you want them to do.

3 Steps To Your First Small Business Website
When planning your first small business website, there are three essential questions you should ask yourself.

3 Quick Steps to Your Own Website
So you want to build that website – for whatever reason, perhaps you’ve started a business or simply wish to share pictures of the new addition to your family. Let me tell you it’s easier than you think – all you need is directions that you can follow and you will soon be online.

How to Build a Search Engine-Friendly Web Site: Understanding Critical Touch Points
In an ideal scenario, a company looking to create a new site, or redesign an existing site, should engage SEO professionals from the very start.

Selling Artworks Online - Attract Targeted Viewers to Your Art Gallery
Web traffic matters a lot in online artwork selling, but not completely. What matters is a combination of targeted good traffic looking for artworks. For an example, if a person is willing to buy a digital camera, then what are the chances of his buying an oil painting?

The 7 Secrets Of A Profitable Website
There are a number of methods you can use to improve your site. Follow these steps and you too can have a moneymaking site that will practically run on autopilot. These sites make money in many different ways.

Content Management Systems: Are They For You?
It is up to you to decide for yourself. If you will be updating your site frequently, a CMS may be right for you. If not, you may prefer to have complete control over the look of your site

At a Glance: ASP.NET vs. PHP
Web applications, specifically those relying on back end databases, are typically being created using either Microsoft's ASP.Net language, or the Open Source alternative language of PHP.

10 Steps to Developing Your Own Website
have developed and managed my own website for many years and would like to share with you 10 steps that I learned to make your website development a pleasant one.

Why You Should Localize Your Website: An Introduction
Not every company that markets overseas needs their website localized, but most of them do, and would discover vastly improved relations with their buyers.

E-commerce Web Site Design Guide for Small Business Owners
When a small business owners starts thinking of having his own e-commerce web site he starts looking for reliable, handful and affordable e-commerce solution. What features he may need to run the e-commerce business successfully?

Home Business Website Essentials
Do you have a home based business, or small business, with no web presence? Are you operating a successful business but not a successful website? Here are some suggestions to make your business site a profit center, instead of a cost center.

How To Select Outsource Web Content Writing Services In India
A study funded by the World Bank, in the United States, has revealed that vendors rated India as their first choice when it came to outsourcing services.

So You Want Your Site To Be Number 1
You want to sit atop the rankings for the search engines? You want loads of visitors to your site? You want a high conversion rate from visitors to paying customers? We are all in that situation and it is possible to achieve all of these wants by following a few simple rules.

5 Powerful Reasons Why Niche Content Sites Are Being Considered The Way To Go In 2006
You should seriously think about building your own network of Niche Content Sites of your own, and then at the end will reveal to you a few examples of what kinds of Niche Content Sites you can build.

How to Build a Quality Website
Web development services fundamentally differ from say an attorney’s services. If you are working with a professional company, depending on the size of your web project a team of people will work on it.

Web Development - Do It Yourself?
Many businesses or individuals in Windsor who want a website commonly ask the question: “Can I develop my own website?” The short answer to this question is yes, absolutely. In fact, developing a simple website is easier now than it ever has been.

Difference Between Web Designer and Web Programmer
web-designers deal with the front-end of a website, while web-developers deal with the back-end of a website – however, these days there can be quite a bit of crossover between the two.

Building a Quality Website for $5 a Month
The truth is that running your own website can be a very affordable and stress-free affair. With the help of tips you'll read in this article, you too can run your own website for only around $5 per month.

Dreamweaver Too Complicated? Go Live and Frontpage Too Steep a Learning Curve?
I think that some web design packages have too steep a learning curve. That’s why I want to tell you about a product that I’ve just reviewed called XSitePro.

Managing Your Website Development - Eight Easy Steps to Project Management
Performing best practices in project management will give your website development project the best chance of success.

Best MovableType Plugins
Movabletype’s plugin system is very advanced and the community is always pumping out new plugins and widgets for MT based bloggers.

What Is RSS And How Can It Benefit You?
RSS is short for Really Simple Syndication. It is part of the XML family that is used for syndicating information. Put simply RSS allows one web site to share information with another web site.

8 TOP Ways To Promote Your RSS/XML Feed For MAXIMUM Exposure
RSS (Real Simple Syndication) is the new technology on the block and is taking the Internet by storm as Internet marketers are hurrying to incorporate this new form of communication and technology into there existing online businesses.

Tips on Creating a Site Map
A site map allows visitors to easily find what they are looking for by simply visiting your site map and clicking on the link to go directly to the page they want to visit.

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