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How To Create A Website For Free

How To Create A Website For Free

For starters, she will tell you that once upon a long time ago, she had a checking account, a debit card, and all that, when she opened her online purchasing account. But she closed her checking account, and online purchasing account let her remain a member anyway. Even so, she is sure that it is still free to get one of these online purchasing accounts.

Anyway, she had an online purchasing account to begin with. And nothing was happening on it, they keep sending her reminders to get her account verified with a credit card. But even though she hasn't verified her account with a credit card, they have still left her account open.

Then she won a dollar from Group Lotto not too long ago. A dollar just appeared into her account just like magic!

Now, she had been enrolling into free survey sites, and lottery sites, trying to win money, anything! Still is. Also started checking out the " magical" ways to bring about money. She stumbled into a holograhic creation series, a really cool website, which in turn led her to abother website that provided videos, and ebooks, on how to build a website.

The tools to build coupled with the encouraging concepts she felt unstoppable, and wants to spread the wealth! Very interesting, very encouraging, if nothing else. And she feels you just got to check it out.

Anyways, she got to thinking more positive, and it provided her with a link to some cool videos on how to make a website, with step by step instructions and everything. All for FREE!! So she just kept all this positive thinking up, and got invited to make $10 in 30 minutes from a survey site.

She completed the entry and submitted it right away. At first, there was no reply, she waited for like a week. But then all of a sudden... there was $10 right there in my online purchasing account! She verified it, and went straight to the suggested domain registrar and registered her own website. She couldn't believe it.

It took a while, trying to get her order right, because she could only get the standard package, but hey, it's a site, and it's registered, and they hosted it for her too,(ad-supported, of course). But what can one expect, for free.

Well, that's how she did it, and if one wants to know any specifics, like, which survey site she earned the money from, or which site compelled her to think more positively, or the exact site that taught her how to build a website, one will have to visit the author's website. Good Luck to you, and here's to your success!


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Cheryl Hammer - A good place to start is INTERNET PROFIT MENTOR Get free ebooks, and videos, and an ecourse! Go to


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