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How To Build A Website - Seven Steps To Create A Web Site

How To Build A Website - Seven Steps To Create A Web Site

The web has developed in such a mass marketing arena, that many off line advertisers are now coming online. This is the first sign that selling on line will be a trillion dollar media in a couple years.

In short, you will only see a bigger bloom and that means that the best medium for earning online will be with affiliate programs. The first step for any successful business online is learning how to build a website using tools that require no HTML.

Here are some tips to help new comers online create a web site:

1) Learn Exactly How To Build A Website That Is Fully Optimized For Search Engines.

The on line world is like a giant real estate market, the only web sites that survive are the ones that are optimized for search engines.

2) Master Keyword Research, using the number one tool online.

To build successfully optimized web sites means using the best keywords, with very little competition.

3) Where To Get The Cheapest Hosting Online.

The online medium has grown so huge, that any kid out there can start a hosting company, but the days of paying $100 monthly to host a web site are things of the past, the prices range from as low as $5 up to $25 to host one web site.

4) Self Design Is The Best Option, Or Else Pay The Price.

This may sound a little strange, but many marketers online pay $1500 or more just to have someone design their site. Well, the sad part is a well designed site without the right words won't sell anything.
The best resource that teaches how to build a web site is:

Searchers online are looking for information, don't get fancy, with a nice looking flashy site, just get started and grow slowly while learning how to do everything that is needed to be successful.

It Is great practice, just keep on learning, online education isn't expensive.

5) How To Use Ad Tracking, To Improve Any Business.

Ad Tracking, is the key to success online, tracking where visitors are coming from is one of the most overlooked marketing flaws online.

There are no shortcuts, start with some kind of tracker, there are scripts, tracking software or ad tracking services.

6) The Only Secret To Writing Ad Copy

7) Learn How To Make Money With Affiliate Programs.


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