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Free online tools to generate powerful domain names

Free online tools to generate powerful domain names

There are numerous free tools online that help you research and find good keyword domain names to register for your online business. Or simply to buy and resell domain names for profits. I am certain you already use a few of these from time to time.

Here then is my Top Ten list of the best free domain tools in no particular order.


Gives you a list of the best domain names pending delete. Also shows you which drop
catchers are successfully catching which names daily.


Helps you find active, inactive, and available domain names. A personal favorite of mine.


Page rank predictor tools and other essential domainer tools.


A huge directory of domain-related tools, services, resources and guides. Bookmark this.


Gives a list of expiring names with traffic, popularity links and Alexa rankings.


You can make a whois search on any domain on the web. Also gives a list of similiar names
that are still available to be registered.


Enter a keyword to find relevant valuable domain names and which ones are taken, when they expire and also which ones are available.


Gives you the number of searches made for a given keyword based on Overture and WordTracker.


Domain name misspelling and typo generator.

A domain search engine that shows you all the registered domains with your keywords.

Hope you like the list and find it useful. All these tools are worth bookmarking.

What about YOUR domain name? Is it VALUABLE or crap?

If you'd like me to evaluate your domain name for free, just send me a note. I will take a look and I will give you my honest appraisal. Nothing to pay. Absolutely no obligation.



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