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Domain Name Registration - Guides & Articles

Decision Nears on Domain Name Back order Service
The overseer of the Internet's domain naming system is closer to approving a controversial service for back-ordering Web addresses. The service, first proposed in 2002, would allow those seeking a particular domain name to pay for the right to claim it in the event the current registration expires.

Domains Are Not Forever
There are, by some estimates, around 60 million registered domains, with millions more being held often by commercial parties until the owners actually launch Web sites to support them.

Domain Name Registrations Reach Record
The boom is back for Internet domain-name registration, but this time businesses and individuals are acting less like speculators and more like legitimate users with their Web addresses

What is the Domain Redemption Period?
Instead of just getting deleted and returning to the pool of domain names available for registration, the existing registry keeps a hold on the domain name in a what is technically called as REDEMPTION PERIOD.

What's All The Fuss About Long Domain Names?
The word is out. You can now register domain names of up to 67 characters. This is going to shoot your ranking way up on the search engines. Because if you stuff all your keywords into your domain name, search engines are simply going to love your site.

Domain Names and Anchor Text
Many people say that the name of a website should be original. It should convey some sense of branding unlike any other site. They say your name should not be generic

Tips on Domain Name Choice
Before buying your domain name, give some thought to the following 8 points which can help you choose a right decision.

Keyword-Rich Domain Names
The myth of using keyword-rich domains for SEO purposes has been perpetuated for way too long, and quite frankly I'm tired of seeing it written about as if it's an all-important SEO factor.

Domain Naming For Prosperity
Too little has been told. The things that I've heard make it even worse. Better nothing, then worse. Tell me your Domain name and I will tell you how successful you are. For the last couple of months I've heard many arguments claiming that my domain name should be based on keywords relevancy, you web-site focused on. Let me ask you why?

How to Host Several Domains Under One Hosting Account
If you operate several websites, each with its own domain name, signing up of separate hosting accounts can be an expensive proposition.

Domain Name Organisations
Some of the important organisations in the domain name industry.

How to Drive Traffic With Domain Names
In an overcommunicated, overmarketed society, credibility has become increasingly vital. To a prospect that is receiving your marketing materials for the first time, your company may have little or no believability because you may well be totally unknown to your prospect.

Building Doorway Domains for Optimized Search Engine Positioning
A classical doorway page is focused on a certain keyword or search phrase, carrying highly optimized text, pertinent meta tags, title, etc. It is submitted to the search engines to achieve better rankings. When human visitors hit the page, they are required to click a link to get to the site proper.

Domain name and website tools to monitor the performance of your site
I use several tools to monitor the performance of my own websites, by regularly reviewing their progress I can see what works and what does not.

What is URL Forwarding
You're not ready yet to shell out $100 bucks a year for a web hosting service, so you want to stick with a free website. However, you dislike the long and messy URL addresses that usually are associated with them, and you'd rather use your very own domain name.

Protecting Your Domain Name
Domain Dispute is no longer news unless a Madonna or Julia Roberts type of celebrity gets involved. However, greater now than ever is the risk for domain registrants to lose their domain names when they get involved in a domain dispute.

ICANN - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
The purpose of ICANN is to oversee the IP numbering scheme, the protocol parameter assignment, the domain name system and the root server system of the internet. These services were previously performed by a group known as the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

Domain Name Slamming - It can disable your website and turn off your emails
Slamming is the unethical practice of some domain name registrars. They will send you official looking documents to get you to change without your full awareness.

10 Ways To Ruin Your Online Business with an Inferior Domain Name
Avoid these mistakes: Initials/acronyms, three word names, misspelled words, homophones & more. Although total lack of effort by fly-by-night websites is one cause of inferior domain names, more often simplistic theories lead to "fool's gold" domain names. Don't follow in these footsteps..

What is Redemptionperiod?
A domain name is placed in REDEMPTIONPERIOD status when a registrar requests the deletion of a name that is not within the Add Grace Period.

Choosing Effective Domain Names
Domain names are no longer a web address these days. Many profitable companies have been built around their domain name making it the brand and the company. Choosing the right domain should be as important as naming your product. Given that status, here are some pointers how to find a name that will see you through it all.

When Does an Expired Domain Name Become Available?
In order to know exactly when an expiring domain name will become available for re-registration by a new owner, you must understand the Status of a domain as listed in the whois database.

Managing / Administrating Your Domain Name
As the proud owner of your domain name, there are a number of administrative tasks you may wish/need to perform relating to the maintenance and use of your name.

Making Money with Parked Domain Names
Have you ever typed in a domain name and came to what looks like a default page of a domain name registrar that eads, " is under construction". Well it is time to stop advertising your domain name registrar's site and start using that parked domain name for making money.

Pros and Cons of Pre-Owned Domain Names
Sometimes it seems like all of the best domain names have already been taken. On more than one occasion, I've come up with a great domain name for a site, only to find that someone else had already purchased it. I can live with that, but sometimes I've found that it has been purchased by some scum domain scavenger, and that's really annoying.

Protecting Your Domain Name
In order to understand how to protect your domain name, you first have to focus on what constitutes domain name ownership: the ownership of a domain name is determined by the information recorded in the central Whois database under the Registrant information section of a particular domain name record.

How to get Top Money for your Domain Names
Would you like to be that lucky person who sells their domain for thousands or even a million dollars? It IS possible to find quality domains and resell them for huge amounts of money.

Domain Name Dilemma: Do Dashes or Underscores Goose Google Rankings More?
Some swear dashes in domain names send rankings soaring. Some have an ongoing love affair with underscores. Others are sure there is no difference..

What is a top-level domain (TLD)?
A top-level domain is the part of the domain name located to the right of the dot (" . "). The most common TLDs are .com, .net and .org. Several new top-level domains have been added to the menu recently.

What is a Name Server (NS)?
Name servers are the Internet's equivalent to a phone book. A name server maintains a directory of domain names and matching IP addresses.

Relation between Domain Names and IP address
A domain name is very similar to an address forwarding service. The domain name is the address people type in their web browser to get to your web site.

Differences Between Domain Name Registries and Domain Name Registrars
What is the differences between domain name registries and domain name registrars..

Domain Name Registration - Glossary of Terms
Technical terms and jargon got you confused? Below are some commonly used terms and their definitions in the domain name registration industry. If you have questions on additional terms, please email us and we will add them to the list.

How to Choose, Register or Transfer a Domain Name
You need to choose your domain name wisely, if you want to clearly identify and brand your online business for many years to come.

Tips on Domain Name Choice
Before buying your domain name, give some thought to the following

Domain name hijacking!
Domain names are becoming "hot" property - as in *theft* for resale. More and more companies are finding they cannot get their trademarked names as a domain name because so few good names are left.

Good Domain Names
No matter what domain name you buy its unlikely to be worth $ millions straight away, but with some careful though and preparation you can maximise your domain names potential.

Domain Names - To Hyphen or Not ?
A question in internet marketing often comes up regarding the use of hyphens in a domain name. Here are a few considerations when planning your sight.

Making Money From Expired Domain Names
One reason is that if the domain name itself has a lot of link popularity, it will have an established source of traffic. What this means to you is if you snap up an Expired Domain with an established source of traffic, you will have a site with instant traffic.

Whats in a Domain Name?
One of the decisions you have to make when setting up a website is whether or not to get your own domain name. The most frequent objection we hear about having a 'virtual domain' is that it's an unnecessary expense. And yes, it does cost you a little more money to get a domain name.

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