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What is URL Forwarding

You're not ready yet to shell out $100 bucks a year for a web hosting service, so you want to stick with a free website. However, you dislike the long and messy URL addresses that usually are associated with them, and you'd rather use your very own domain name. Fortunately there is a solution, and it is called URL forwarding.

We recommend that you register your domain with a reputable registrar that also offers you free domain forwarding. Once you've found and selected a registrar and have registered your domain name with them, log into your account, go to the domain management or account management section, and look for the URL Forwarding or Domain Forwarding option.

Usually, your domain name will appear next to a text box where you will type in the physical location of your website. Let's say you're using Geocities and your website is at a directory called "mysite". You will then have to type: "" in the textbox. Once you've done it, save your changes.

Within a few hours, type your domain name in the address bar of your web browser, and you will instantly be transported to your website. This way, your visitors won't need to remember a long and messy web address, and will have quick and easy access to your free hosted website by just typing your domain name in the address bar.

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